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Good To-Go Food Kits

Good To-Go’s mission is to “change how people eat on-the-go.” The company’s dehydrated meals (just add boiling water) are both healthy and quick-to-make, and we’ve been enjoying its delicious, nutritious offerings on backpacking, bike packing, paddling and backcountry skiing adventures for several years now.

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Goal Zero Nomad 5 Solar Panel

Goal Zero’s Nomad 5 Solar Panel is the solution to your charging challenges no matter what adventure you’re on. This lightweight yet rugged 5-watt panel features a built-in kickstand that allows for multiple positioning angles while at camp. You can also strap the panel right to your backpack to catch those rays on the move.

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ORCA Walker 20 Softside Cooler

At 14.5”x11”x13.25”, the ORCA Walker 20 Softside Cooler is just the right size for day hikes, beach outings and short car trips. In fact, this cooler – which is insulated with 28mm of tough MetaPolymer – can keep items cold for days when packed with ice properly.

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ZenBivy MotoBed™

The Zenbivy MotoBed™ is the best thing to happen to camping since, well, the first time a human ever slept on the ground. We were already madly in love with the Zenbivy Light Bed sleep system for backpacking; to luxuriate in the same cloud of comfort with zero set-up hassle is sheer bliss.

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SAVE THE DATE for the @banffmountainfestival World Tour, hosted at the @riotheatresantacruz on September 17th!! ...

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Work hard play HARDER! Happy Labor Day everyone! Where are you spending your day off?

📱: @jdonk55 🚵‍♂️: @nick.drose at China Peak, now closed for the summer due to Forest Service closures.

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The #CaldorFire and #DixieFire are two of the largest forest fires in California history, their smoke stretching across California into neighboring states. We are keeping our friends up north in our thoughts during this tragic time. 📸 @chrismatography ...

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As we continue to keep our friends in Northern California in our thoughts during this tragic time, we look to the silver linings and appreciate moments like these. @tahoebackcountry riding through his “backyard” 🏔🌲 ...

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"This is not an individual issue but rather a systemic one. Now that the history has been shared alongside continuous asks from the Washoe community to stop the siren since 2006, will the town come together to stop it? This is a great opportunity for a truly respectful outcome, one in the direction of greater community health and mutual respect." Excerpt from our latest article, link in bio! ⁠

Stacey Burns at the may 29th Stop the Siren protest. Stacey is of Numu and Washoe descent. ⁠

📸: Hope Dressler

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Six years ago Kim Gardner was a rock and ice climbing physical therapist with advanced degrees and a new boyfriend. These days, reading gives her an excruciating headache. Socializing for a few hours makes her nauseous for days. Struggling to decipher a food label can make her cry. Read all about her incredible story on our website, link in bio ⁠

Photo: Jesse Rothert

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On May 29th, when Riders Against Racism mountain bikers joined members of the Washoe and Paiute tribes on their ancestral lands in the Minden Park, a Minden local named Matt Bernard spoke to the crowd. He said local residents have nothing but love for the Washoe Tribe, and as evidence, he pointed to a plaque in the park that honored Washoe people who had served the country in war. In one breath it seemed Bernard was paying respect to the Washoe and justifying the siren at the same time. “I want everyone to know that the people of Minden don’t have any animosity, they only have a love for the Washoe.”⁠

Read more on our website, link in bio 🔗⁠

Photo: Cathy Claesson

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Chris and Marissa Neely live aboard their 41’ sailboat (@svavocet) preparing to sail the world. Last month they returned to their roots to sail their first boat on their home lake in the annual High Sierra Regatta ⛵️ Read their POV race recap, 🔗 link in bio!

📸: @qmtravels @mitchisword

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Dogs make great adventure buddies! Do you hike with your furry friend? ...

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Estuaries form along the coast, where sea and fresh water mingle, creating a unique habitat. California has a number of them, with the Elkhorn Slough off Monterey Bay being one of the biggest. It is also home to the state’s largest population of sea otters. Seven hundred species of plants and animals live on the protected flats of the slough, making it the place for wildlife viewing. Mornings are a good time to beat the wind and it is never a bad idea to check the tides as well. 😁 Read more in the recent post, link in bio! ...

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Ready to test out a longboard or SUP in the surf? Summer is a prime time to hit one of California’s baby beach breaks, with warmer water and breezes. We love Mondos in Ventura County for its long rolling waves, friendly vibes, and easy parking. Some call it the Waikiki of California! Read all about it in the latest issue, link in bio!⁠

Where is your favorite surf spot? If you want to keep it a secret, tag your second favorite 😆

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