Burbank Athletic Club is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of its members by providing them with an optimal fitness experience. Our clubs set the standard for quality and effectiveness by offering innovative programs, technologically advanced equipment, and current exercise methods, for all levels of fitness. At the Burbank Athletic Club each staff member is CPR and AED certified. Our qualified staff will provide the utmost in service, knowledge, and instruction to help our members achieve all of their fitness goals.


greg_bedrossianGreg Bedrossian is a dedicated fitness professional having worked in the fitness industry for over 17 years. His dedication to fitness began early on. Born with a ventricular septal defect (hole in the heart), Greg was instructed by his doctors to avoid participating in sports. At the age of 4 he had surgery to repair his heart but was still discouraged from athletics, “use your mind not your body” he was told. Determined to overcome any limitations, Greg studied about health and fitness ultimately to help better himself. Over time he became extremely knowledgeable and aware of both the physical and psychological importance of health. With his passion for health Greg would begin his fitness career in 1991 employed as a staff fitness trainer at a national gym chain. He simultaneously earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from California State University Northridge, specializing in Resource Management, and also became certified in personal training by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In 1995 with his degree and fitness experience he started his own personal training business, which he continues to operate successfully for 13+ years. During this time Greg aspired to take on the challenge of health club ownership. Continuing to fuel his knowledge for fitness Greg has been a regular attendee of trade shows and fitness conventions keeping current on all industry innovations. Through his success as a personal trainer and his passion for fitness Greg accomplished his goal of ownership. In October of 2007 Greg took over the very facilities where he had gained most of his experience and created the Burbank Athletic Clubs. With his education in business, the goodwill he has established within the Burbank community, and through his personal experiences he is now helping members make lasting changes that will enhance their lives.