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Dave Grigsby, co-owner of Kayak Connection puts it this way: “We’ve stopped renting SUPs on the Slough because too many people were getting stuck trying to make it back against a headwind and the incoming tide. We also found that SUPs are more disturbing to wildlife, probably because of how much taller a paddler appears on a SUP. I’m not saying paddling a SUP at the Slough is always a bad idea, just that for us the problems outweighed the benefits and for that reason, we encourage kayaking at the Slough instead of using SUPs.” 🚣🏻‍♀️ Read all about paddling on the slough, link in bio! ...

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Timothy Olson set a groundbreaking new record for the Fastest Known Time (FKT) across the PCT, clocking in at 51 days, 16 hours and 55 minutes (preliminary calculation). The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is the most iconic footpath in the United States and beyond. ⁠🏔

Amidst the peak summer heat wave and traversing across the most demanding terrain west of the Mississippi, Olson – accompanied his support team including his expecting wife and two children, began his journey on June 1st from the south while averaging over 51 miles and more than 8,000 ft of vertical gain per day.⁠ 🥾

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“We need to decide what our relationship with fire will look like,” Robbins says. “Will it be massive amounts of toxic smoke that blanket our communities for weeks from catastrophic wildfires? Or will it be the limited amount of wood smoke produced by a prescribed burn? There is no such thing as a no-smoke or a no-fire option.” She pauses. “The good news is that we can decide what fire will look like in our lives.” 🔥 Read all about how we can learn to live with fire, link in bio 🔗 ...

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Can you imagine the NBA or NFL without black athletes? Of course not. So why is surfing different? It’s all about the lack of access. For too long, black kids have been denied access to pools and denied access to beaches. They have also been denied representation in surfing magazines that traditionally only featured white guys and white girls in bikinis. 🌊 ⁠

Luckily, things are starting to change. A true evolution of surfing has begun and thanks to our friends like Rhonda Harper (the star of this issues cover) from @blackgirlssurf. 🏄🏾‍♀️ Read all about this massive shake up in the latest issue, 🔗 link in bio⁠

PC: Rhonda Harper

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“I turned 50 recently and I’m grateful to still enjoy outdoor activities that I picked up in my youth. ” Read the third installment of the 50 the lessons Matt Johanson learned in 50 years in our recent issue, 🔗 link in bio!⁠

pc: Matt Johanson

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EARN YOUR BEER #119 🍻 Idyllwild is a small mountain town at the foot of Mt. San Jacinto that can be jam-packed full of tourists and vacationers on the weekends, but if you time it right during an off week, the middle of the week can be quite quiet. Idyllwild has all you need for a few days to recharge yourself. ⁠

Read more about James Murren's recent trip, and how it paired nicely with an IPA from @idyllwildbpub 🔗 Link in bio 🔗

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@michele_and_anneke rate the Wagner Butte trail 10/10! Have you been there before? 🏔

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The Alpine County Chamber of Commerce invites you to challenge yourself to the premier cycling event in California – and celebrate our 40th year in cycling history on July 17, 2021. This year’s route offers over 14,000′ of climbing, 103 miles, and up to 6 highly categorized mountain climbs! This ride is sure to challenge you, inspire you, and leave you wanting more. Organized by Bike the West Director and Death Ride veteran Curtis Fong, the event is led by a professional team of cyclists.⁠

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California evolved with fire. The Cultural Fire Management Council (CFMC), based on Yurok land in Humboldt County, is bringing back traditional uses of fire to revitalize their ecology, economy, and community. As Natives reclaim their right to use fire on the land, California’s 39 million other residents have an opportunity to acknowledge their expertise and learn from their wisdom 🔥⁠

Learn more about these historic, traditional burning methods on our website, link in bio 🔗⁠

📸: Margo Robbins

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What if the Washoe tribe became stewards of the Lake Tahoe Basin currently under management by the Forest Service? What if we transferred the management of this sacred area into the hands of the Washoe? Who is better qualified to care for Tahoe than the tribe that managed this stunning landscape for thousands of years before American colonists forced them into servitude and took their land?🧐⁠

Today the Washoe tribe consists of about 1,500 members living in the vicinity of Lake Tahoe and more are spread throughout the US. There are scientists, land conservation experts, and environmentalists within their tribal membership. Coupled with the wisdom of their ancestors, I would argue that these Washoe land-use experts can do a better job of managing Tahoe than the Forest Service.⁠

Read more in the recent article posted on our website, link in bio!🔗

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✨NEW ISSUE ✨ We hope you all hd a lovely 4th of July! To kickstart this month our latest issue of #ASJMagazine is making its rounds to a shelf near you. It may be our best EVER 🥳 Together with community support we are ripping down barriers that keep too many people out of surfing, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, trail running, skiing, and snowboarding! When you get your issue, send us a photo 📸🙌 ...

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