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Official Trailer: Warren Miller’s “Face of Winter”

69th installment from Warren Miller Entertainment features some of Miller’s favorite locations

LOVING THE PURE JOYS OF WINTER is something we have in common with the late, great Warren Miller, who helped create and capture the magic of skiing. This fall, Face of Winter — the 69th installment from Warren Miller Entertainment presented by Volkswagen — will bring new and veteran athletes together to pay tribute to the man who started it all.

Visit some of Warren’s favorite locations, from Engleberg to Chamonix, British Columbia to Alaska, Chile, Iceland, New Zealand, Washington and more. Watch as world-class athletes like Jessie Diggins, Anna Segal, Dash Longe, Forrest Jillson, Amie Engerbretson, Seth Wescott, Jim Ryan and others carve down the faces of remote mountain ranges and pursue the thrills of a life lived in high places.

Follow along and celebrate a life lived in high places at


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Official Trailer: Ode to Muir – The High Sierra

New film from Teton Gravity Research stars professional snowboarder, adventurer and founder of Protect our Winters Jeremy Jones

TETON GRAVITY’S NEWEST FILM ODE TO MUIR pairs professional snowboarder, adventurer and founder of Protect Our Winters Jeremy Jones with two-time Olympian Elena Hight as they embark on a 40-mile foot-powered expedition deep into California’s John Muir Wilderness. Their journey balances the challenges of winter camping, grueling climbs up the Sierra’s biggest mountains, and aesthetic first descents with personal reflections on the importance of the natural world and those who first traveled it generations ago, and sharing perspectives gleaned from what it truly means to explore a great American Wilderness.

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Video: REEL ROCK 12 Trailer

Tickets now available for climbing’s biggest film festival

REEL ROCK has been following the world’s most exciting climbers, documenting their gripping tales and groundbreaking sends. REEL ROCK 12 brings you stories from the edge, featuring big names and breakout stars. Starring Margo Hayes, the first woman to climb 5.15; Brad Gobright, an up-and-coming free soloist with a donut addiction; the return of Chris Sharma to the deep water soloing stage; and introducing Maureen Beck, a one-handed crusher who’s gonna knock your socks off.

2017 LINE-UP

Above the Sea
Legendary climber Chris Sharma returns to the island of Mallorca where he discovers an untouched, sweeping wall. If he can endure numerous heart-stopping plunges into the sea and finally link the moves, he will establish what may be the world’s hardest deep water solo climb.

Break on Through
In modern rock climbing, 5.15 is the top of the difficulty scale, a …

Editor’s Note: The Moral Case for Energy Reform

Real change happens when compassion leads the way

In his recent book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, conservative author Alex Epstein argues that liberal environmentalists are trying to rob Americans of their prosperous lifestyle by portraying fossil fuels as evil. The real evil, he says, is the idea that prosperity is a bad thing and should be reversed in order to preserve the planet.

He urges clear thinking Americans to stand up and resist environmentalists who use climate change as an excuse to erode the benefits of prosperity. After all, prosperity has given us modern medicine, longer lives, and all the wonderful freedoms that previous generations fought so hard to achieve.

Presenting a similar argument, Republican senator James Inhofe recently brought a snowball on to the senate floor and dramatically threw it on the carpet to illustrate his point that climate change is a silly farce, especially given how …

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Ear to the Ground

Outdoor News and Notes for the California Region

California Enduro Series’ (CES) Northstar Enduro makes history

California Enduro Series (CES) Round 6 — the Northstar Enduro at Northstar California Resort — makes history as the first-ever California race on the North American Enduro Tour (NAET).

CES and Northstar Enduro organizers are working hard to organize an extraordinary event, and are excited to welcome NAET riders to this year’s course.

The two day Enduro race takes place Saturday and Sunday, August 29-30, 2015. As one of the most prominent mountain bike parks, Northstar is the perfect location for an epic and memorable multi-day Enduro.

“Mountain bikers consistently rank our park among the best in the world,” says Northstar’s Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Bill Rock. “We are thrilled to take part in this series, providing us an opportunity to showcase our park to world class riders and allowing them …

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EPiC: Solar Climbers

Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright bring solar power to the underprivileged through the Honnold Foundation

By Kristin Conard

Alex Honnold. He may be known best for his free-soloing and speed ascents of big walls, but the California dirtbag/professional climber is more than just a rock monkey.

In 2012, Alex started the Honnold Foundation, which “seeks simple, sustainable ways to improve lives world-wide. Simplicity is the key; low-impact, better living is the goal.” Simple living is important to Alex, and by living in a 2002 Ford Econoline E150 van with no electricity, no running water, and no central heating or air conditioning, he doesn’t have the typical American carbon footprint.

Alex has been reading environmental non-fiction in his downtime from climbing for the past four or five years. That combined with seeing people living with very little on his world travels brought him to the realization that while he has a …

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Trails for All and All for Trails

Is there a mountain biking trail for everyone?

By Tim Hauserman

Every mountain biker loves to roll along on a beautiful piece of single track, but mountain bike enthusiasts come in a wide variety of ability levels, making one person’s lovely romp through the rocks, a trail to be avoided at all costs by another. Given this wide disparity in ability and desire, imagine being the folks trying to build and maintain the trails to meet the needs of all the riders (and in almost all cases hikers, runners and equestrians as well).

Craig Smith from Olympic Bike Shop in Tahoe City says that Lake Tahoe gets “the full gamut of people renting or repairing bikes, from experienced riders from around the country looking for something challenging and difficult, to those who want to take the family out mountain biking as part of their Tahoe experience.” Then there are …

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Goal 100

What one hundred days of whitewater taught me

By Haven Livingston

To kayak one hundred days of whitewater in the course of one year may not sound like an extreme or lofty goal, until you understand the circumstances.

The first and most prohibitive factor was location. Living over three hours from the nearest available whitewater river was not going to help my cause. Sure, if I lived in Reno I could visit the whitewater park nearly every day of the year if I wanted. No big deal. The second barrier was that I was too broke to buy a dry suit, which is essential for winter paddling. The third factor, well, all the rest can fall into the general category of: that’s just a hell of a lot of days, especially in a drought year!

Setting goals for ourselves is what keeps us going. Look around you. The people …

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When In Drought

Plenty of rafting despite low water levels

By Emily Vernizzi

Droughts. They’re rough. They cause all sorts of trouble, but don’t jump to too many conclusions. Many people assume that a drought means no rafting, but that’s not the case in California.

Despite what you’d think, there are still plenty of incredible rafting options even when Mother Nature leaves us pretty high and dry. In normal snowpack years, rafting outfitters do offer trips on a wider variety of rivers, but even in a drought there is rafting fun to be had in the Golden State.

How is this possible?

There are over 800 rivers in California with over 1200 dams along them. The reservoirs behind these dams come in all shapes and sizes and are positioned at all different elevations. During a drought, media outlets tend to focus on the large lower elevation reservoirs, such as Shasta, Oroville, Folsom, …

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Peace Pedalers

Around the world on a tandem bike

Over 1,000 total strangers accepted Jamie Bianchini’s invitation to ride on the world’s first open-invitation, intercultural expedition around the planet.  Jamie piloted the front seat of a custom-built tandem bike while leaving the rear seat open to invite “guest riders” to join the journey and share the exhilarating cycle touring experience. If that’s not cool enough, the bike frames, called “Black Sheep Tangles,” could be converted from a tandem to a single bike, which allowed Jamie to rip up the world’s single-track trails with new local friends. His 81-country expedition took over 8 years to complete, with regular recharge breaks on the trails and in the surf of his current hometown of Santa Cruz, CA.

Not surprisingly, a journey of this magnitude was sprung from humble beginnings. After a series of spectacular business flops drove him into bankruptcy and the love of his …

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Stand Up with the Children

 Whether passenger or pilot, tips for introducing kids to paddleboarding

By Pete Gauvin

Kayaks and canoes have long been the vehicle of choice when venturing out on the water with kids. But with the explosive growth of stand-up paddling – the fastest growing outdoor sport over the past five years – more and more parents are introducing kids to paddling on boards.

Paddleboarding is an excellent way for parents to get outdoors with children, get some low-impact exercise, soak up a good dose of fun, and teach tykes about water safety, paddle skills and the marine environment.

Here are some guidelines and suggestions for getting out for a little SUPin’ with little ones, whether riding on the board with you or going solo on their own board.

Toddlers – Along for the Ride: I started paddling with my daughter when she was two. With her toddler’s PFD and sun hat …

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Ski Shasta

 Hotlum-Wintun Ridge: A California Classic

Words and photos by Aron Bosworth

If you have driven Interstate 5 through Siskiyou County, you’ve likely found your gaze pulled toward the glistening white of 14,197 Mount Shasta. It’s difficult not to: Shasta’s summit is striking. Rising 10,000 feet above the northern California landscape, the mountain is both alluring and awe inspiring. Indeed, thousands are compelled to attempt to climb Mount Shasta annually.

Mount Shasta’s call beckons to backcountry skiers as well. Skiing off Shasta’s summit can be likened to a rite of passage for the California ski mountaineer. For many, the taxing climb and exhilarating ski become an annual pilgrimage.

As the second-highest peak in the Cascade Range and the fifth-tallest in California, Shasta offers some of the longest ski descents in the state. One of these, located on Shasta’s eastern aspect, is the Hotlum-Wintun Ridge. Rewarding the skier with nearly 7,000 …

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Liquid Imagery: Timmy Reyes

 Timmy Reyes

By Nelly

I’ve been good friends with Timmy for a long time. He’s rad and he lives to the beat of his own drum. Timmy doesn’t really like contests, yet he does really well in them. He missed making the World Tour by one heat last year. We have traveled all over the world together and his surfing and tube riding is some of the best I’ve seen ever! He’s a great ambassador for O’Neill and for surfers worldwide.

Hometown: Huntington Beach     Stance: Regular        Specialty: Barrels & travel

Sponsors: Body Glove, Pearson Arrow surfboards

Favorite waves: O’Neill, Firewire, Smith, Prolite

Goals: Have fun traveling and shooting while surfing in select contests

What do you like to do when you aren’t surfing? I love golfing with Nelly, Bud and Ratboy (and taking their money), and hanging out with my girl Megan.

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Half Moon Bay

 A quaint coastal town  with something  for everyone

By Kristin Conard

If you’ve driven between San Francisco and Santa Cruz along scenic Highway 1, you’ve passed through Half Moon Bay. Chances are, you were on your way to somewhere else, and your experience was that of stop lights and fast food restaurants along a congested main thoroughway. But Half Moon Bay is so much more than what meets the eye as you pass through, for just off Highway 1 is the heart of Half Moon Bay, and it’s worth taking some time to explore this quaint beach town.

Wild history and claims to fame

Up to 50 separate Ohlone native groups once lived along the coast in what is now Half Moon Bay, and Highway 1 and Highway 92 both follow former trails created by these Native American people. Later, during Prohibition, rumrunners used the inlets, coves, and dense fog …

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Athlete Profile: Endurance racer Terri Schneider

From Bhutan with love

By Leonie Sherman

Endurance athlete Terri Schneider inspired me to ride my bike for two hours before I even met her, just to get to our interview. Over the past two decades she has coached and consulted with hundreds of athletes, encouraging people to push harder and reach higher than they ever thought possible. She started running at age ten because it “seemed like fun” and she’s been at it for more than forty years, winning some of the most grueling races on the planet. Though she travels widely in pursuit of adventure and challenge, she always returns to where it all started.

“I was lucky to grow up in Santa Cruz when it was just a sleepy surf town, even before the University came here,” she says, tucking a strand of chin length golden hair behind her ear. “I literally grew up at the beach.” …

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