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EPiC: California FarmLink

It’s an alarming yet well-known statistic in the world of agriculture that the average age of the American small farmer is 58. As our farmers retire, will there be younger farmers coming in to replace them? In many cases, offspring and heirs have moved from the farm and are not interested in returning. The next generation of beginning and aspiring farmers, many of them first-timers, face big obstacles to getting started and succeeding as farmers. The top two are lack of access to land and lack of access to capital.

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Paddle Yosemite

Recently a select group of Yosemite visitors soaked in views of Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, El Capitan and every other stately Yosemite Valley landmark. This sightseeing tour happened without setting foot on a trail or driving a car, and no, they weren’t looking at Google Earth either. They were floating down the Merced River in kayaks and rafts. I was honored to be among them, and now that the rules have changed, you can do it too.

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The Dirty Sanchez

I rolled the front tire of my mountain bike to the lip of the jump. Staring down at the edge where the dirt fell away, my eyes crossed over the deep divide to the landing. It was built up with massive logs that I envisioned my body crashing against if I failed to clear the gap. My heart raced. After retreating down the takeoff, I rode past the jump without hitting it. Continuing down the trail I was met with another jump, this one with a landing formed out of jagged boulders.

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Angels on the PCT

Though hundreds of hikers per year attempt the 2,600-mile Pacific Crest Trail, my cousin Zach Padlo and I hit the wall around mile 26. We weren’t rookies but the first days are always tough when starting at high elevation, like 9,624-foot Sonora Pass.

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A Tale of Two Paddles

I wanted to quit. It wouldn’t be the first time and most certainly not the last. By this point in the 1996 Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race, nearly 15 of the starting field of 64 paddlers had already given in to the channel’s merciless conditions. In the end, only 38 paddlers would finish the race. The wind, the waves, the ripping southerly current, and the unseasonably cold water…it was all just miserable. I had been paddling for over five hours and had only covered about 20 of the 32 race miles. I was in a cold-water hell.

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Below The Tahoe Rim Trail

The Tahoe Rim Trail is a 165-mile loop around Lake Tahoe. It traverses the side of lofty mountains, and meanders along ridgelines high above Lake Tahoe. It passes by sparkling mountain lakes and saunters through deep forests of red fir and western white pine. It’s well worth the two weeks it takes to hike it. But wouldn’t it be cool to hike a 72-mile version instead?

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Join @ellasuring and @theory_in_motion as they discuss ultra running and Alyssa’s journey as both an athlete and a coach. The full interview is out now on our website. 🏃🏼‍♀️

Check the link in bio to learn more 🔗

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There’s still time for spring skiing at @bvadventure

With over 65 kilometers of groomed paths and a cafe on the trails, it’s a great destination for the whole family.

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Looking to beat the crowds this season for some spring skiing? Just 3 hours from the Bay is Bear Valley Mountain Resort. Our writer @ellasuring explored the area this weekend and was greeted with short lift lines and friendly faces to share in the stoke!

@bearvalleyresort is located between Tahoe and Yosemite and is the perfect casual ski destination for friends and families. With a variety of terrain levels, rentals, a lodge and lots of dining options, it’s the perfect winter getaway.

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🌸 Embrace the vibrant magic of spring in California`s desert state parks! 🌼 Get ready to be amazed by a sea of rainbow colors as the wildflower season blooms in all its glory. 🌈✨ Don`t miss out on this impressive display of nature`s artistry! 🌺🌵⁠ ⁠

Learn more about the bloom at the link in our bio!⁠

© California State Parks, all rights reserved. 2024.⁠

#SpringinCalifornia #WildflowerSeason #NatureAtItsFinest

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🏕️ As the popularity of dispersed camping grows, an increasing number of campers are leaving the beaten path. Picture the disappointment of arriving at your chosen adventure spot after hours of planning and travel, only to find it strewn with litter. ⁠

🌿 Let`s safeguard the unspoiled magnificence of our natural surroundings! ⁠

Click the link in our bio 🔗 for five essential tips to ensure your next outdoor escapade respects and preserves the beauty of our wild spaces. ⁠

Photo and story by Krista Houghton

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Disconnect to Reconnect: James Murren shares his annual tradition of a ‘Digital Detox’ in this issue’s Earn Your Beer column. 🌵

This year, he turned to the deserts of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park to reset. Read about his soul-refreshing experience. Cheers to adventure and unplugging! 📵

Featured Brews — The Butcher by @societebrewing and Bigfoot Barleywine-Style Ale by @sierranevada 🍻

Photo by Left Coast Photographer 📸

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