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Some 7,000 hikers tread the Pacific Crest Trail each year About 10% trek the ENTIRE distance from Mexico to Washington while others complete portions here and there. Although "thru-hiking" marks a lifetime achievement for many, completing even a short section delivers rewards and builds skills for longer journeys... plus there is enough #TrailMagic for everyone!⛰️⁠

Read all about why planning to hike the PCT is a great idea, link in bio 🔗⁠

📸: Matt Johnson⁠

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Check out this great group photo taken during a “We Got Us” campout in Big Sur - a Campout that Theresa Baker organizes with Jose Gonzalez, founder of Latino Outdoors - in an effort to bring together folks who have never camped or often feel out of place at traditional campsites. 🏕️ Article link in bio 🔗⁠

📸 Raul Hernandez

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Despite the diverse history and investment in public lands, today, people of color make up less than 20% of National Park employees, and visitors are overwhelmingly white. When Teresa Baker first noticed this on a visit to Yosemite seven years ago, she vowed to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion to the outdoors.🌲 ⁠

Read all about how she followed through on her promise, link in bio ⬆️

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"Up in the vicinity of Julian town, if you ask around (or do enough gleaning of the web), and then go a-searching, you will find Mildred Falls. I have biked from town out to see it. You can also drive there, but why not make a little adventure out of it? Plummeting nearly 300 feet, Mildred Falls becomes San Diego’s longest/highest waterfall when it is flowing. To see it, conditions have to be just right."⁠

⛰️ Read more about this magical spot and the perfect beer from @julianbeerco that pairs with it, all found in our latest Earn Your Beer: Issue #118 🍻 Link in bio ⬆️

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As part of OARS month-long "Take Your Pride Outside" initiative, the company will donate $5 per person to the Sacramento LGBT Community Center for everyone who rafts the South Fork American River with OARS any Sunday-Friday for the entire month of June. 🏳️‍🌈 ...

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"If you’ve kayaked, canoed, swum, canyoneered or stood on the banks of a wild rushing river in California, chances are Ron Stork had something to do with protecting it." ⁠

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The reroute and restoration of the Enchanted Loop Trail at Wilder Ranch State Park marked the first time the then Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC) partnered on a project with California State Parks. ⁠

MBOSC just announced their new name, Santa Cruz Mountain Trail Stewardship and the broadening of their efforts to include ALL trail users. Read more in our ⁠

📷 Santa Cruz Mountain Trail Stewardship

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From our most recent issue — A poppy-strewn hillside at the confluence of the south fork and main stem of the Merced (Friends of the river photo files).⁠ ...

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Class 1 E-Bikes Officially Designated on 35 Miles of Dirt Trails in Truckee.⁠

Photo: Uwe Moser⁠

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Award winning author and ASJ contributor — Matt Johanson shares the first installment of his new "50 Lessons in 50 Years" column ... this one focuses on backcountry adventures. ⁠

Click the to read his backcountry tips for snowy adventures. ⁠

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Viva la zine! ⁠

We've been celebrating the printed word for 20 years, and hope to continue for 20 more. Is there room for spirited grassroots media in the age of clickbait and influencer content? We hope so!⁠

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Our 20 Year Anniversary Issue is a wrap! Look out for us at your favorite bike or gear shop next week.⁠

A big thanks to our advertisers who believe in and support grassroots media. Cover art by @alsmithart

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