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All We Have to Lose Are Our Chains

Aside from the hum of spokes and the rattle of a loose fender, the forested hinterlands are deadly quiet. The cycling trail I follow, dubbed the Berliner Mauerweg (“wall way”), often utilizes the patrol roads that once ran alongside the Wall. A mere two decades in time separate my journey from German Shepard hunds nipping at my pedals and a hailstorm of machine gun fire.

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Tele’s Youth Movement

Telemark skiing is an addictive and challenging sport that most snow junkies discover only after years of alpine skiing and snowboarding. It might be the lure of the backcountry, the comfort of lighter weight gear, or the soulful, expressive style of the turn. Regardless, it’s largely an avocation of adults, twenty-somethings and up, often seasoned skiers and boarders that have plateaued and are looking for a fresh challenge.

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Oh, the stories a Joshua tree might tell! Have you visited a Joshua tree yet and just listened? 💚⁠

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The @ca_enduro Round 2 recap is now up on our website (🔗 in bio). The Georgetown Enduro was put on by @mtbexp and @californiaexpeditions , and dished out quite the wild course for its intrepid racers!

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Lupine motherlode in the Eastern Sierra. Just ... WOW 🤯 ⁠

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There's big water flowing all over California, including the Kern. Be safe out there! 🌊⁠

This is a good time to brush up on wilderness first aid and outdoor safety training — @survivalmedonline is offering 20% off all Survival Med courses. Use the code SPIRIT at checkout. ⛑️⁠

📸 Anthea Raymond

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