Glowacz and Sharma Climb Cave Roof, the Longest Overhanging Route Worldwide

Climbing legends Stefan Glowacz (Germany) and Chris Sharma (USA) team up to master a climbing route in the Majlis al Jinn cave in Oman. The route has never been attempted before and counts as the world’s longest roof climb with 13 pitches.

Photos: : Klaus Fengler

Salzburg (Austria) – Climbers usually aim high. This time it was different for Stefan Glowacz (Germany) and Chris Sharma (USA). Both athletes descended into the bowels of the earth into the giant Majlis al Jinn Cave to climb the probably biggest roof this planet has to offer. No one has taken on this challenge so far, the idea is unique.

The Majlis al Jinn Cave lies in the eastern part of the Hadschar Mountains in Oman. It is the second largest cave cavern in the world. You can reach it through three collapsed …