Is your canine adventure companion a shameless tent hog? Do you wake up to find your sleeping space invaded by furry legs? It’s time to give your faithful friend their own sleep haven, and that’s where Down Dog Bags steps in (pun intended!).

What sets Down Dog Bags apart is their commitment to tailor-made comfort. These handmade creations are customized to fit your pup perfectly. For our ASJ canine reviewer, a shepherd/husky mix tackling the PCT, an ultralight quilt was the choice. While Down Dog Bags offers complete sleeping bags, we found that a quilt served as a cozy buffer between our furry friend and the tent floor.

The ultralight fabric surprised us with its durability and compressibility. We’re confident the bag will pack down just as impressively. Their standard sleeping bags and quilts are filled with 700fp RDS certified down, with the option to upgrade to 850-1,000fp HyperDry. Enhancements like a closed cell foam sleeping pad with 3M snap attachments, a sleeping pad sleeve, extra fill, or 10D fabric are available.

This woman-owned business in southern Oregon embraces sustainability, using upcycled materials to minimize waste. You can even opt for a bag or quilt crafted from scrap materials, saving resources while snagging a discount.

Given the handcrafted nature, anticipate a lead time of up to 8 weeks for in-stock colors. Secure your order now for cozy camping nights with your furry companion this shoulder season. Down Dog Bags ensures you and your pup rest easy in the great outdoors.

Made for the dog who already has his/her own sleeping pad. Down on the upper and lower. 700fp RDS Certified Down.

What Size Is My Dog?

  • Measure your dog’s length from collar to base of tail. Choose the size that includes this number.
  • If that number is at or near the maximum length for that size, consider sizing up if your dog stretches out to sleep.

Optional Add Ons (Add to Your Cart From Accessories)

  • 850fp HyperDry, 900fp HyperDry, 1000fp HyperDry
  • Closed cell foam sleeping pad with 3M snap attachments
  • Sleeping pad sleeve
  • Extra 700 fill
  • 10D fabric

Estimated temperature rating is 30F for the standard fill.

MSRP: $120.00+ •


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