The Zenbivy MotoBed™ is the best thing to happen to camping since, well, the first time a human ever slept on the ground. We were already madly in love with the Zenbivy Light Bed sleep system for backpacking; to luxuriate in the same cloud of comfort with zero set-up hassle is sheer bliss.

The MotoBed™ includes a dual-layer mattress, convertible rectangular top quilt, Pongee sheet with integrated hood, and Pongee pillowcase for your favorite pillow, and it all stores in a convenient carry/storage bag.

Set up is ridiculously simple. Just unclip the storage bag, roll out the bed, give the self-inflating 3-inch thick mattress a little time to inflate, then top it off to your firmness preference. Climb on in and ahhhhh, sweet dreams.

The convertible comforter looks like a rectangular sleeping bag, but zips into a semi-rectangular quilt that drapes around you like the blankets on your own bed, allowing for movement yet keeping you nice and warm. A hood built in to the sheet accommodates your favorite standard-size pillow from home and insulates your head and arms on colder nights.

When it’s time to pack up, all you gotta do is pull the plug, roll ‘er up, and stash it in the included storage bag. La voilà! Your sleep system is ready for the next adventure before you’ve even finished your current one!

Select from three different color ways. Sizes L and XL. Synthetic fill, 35 degree (45 comfort).

MSRP: $299.00-$