The Findster Duo+ pet tracker is a must-have for anyone adventuring with a canine companion. Its real-time GPS tracking will set your mind at ease no matter where you roam. Yes, that means in remote locales as no cell coverage is needed!

Here’s how it works:

Findster Duo+ consists of two modules — one that attaches to your furry adventure partner’s collar and another that stays with you — and these two modules communicate wirelessly with each other in a radius of up to three miles (sometimes even farther in the right conditions!). You then your pet’s activity via a remarkably intuitive app downloaded to your smartphone. No worries, no hassles!

Findster Duo+ does more than keep track of your doggo’s location on adventures. Its activity tracker logs the miles traveled, the number of steps taken, and how long your pup has been resting. You can even create “safe areas” and be notified right away if he or she leaves that space.

We’ve been out adventuring with the Findster Duo+ in a wide range of conditions and can attest to its reliability and durability. The pet module has so far stood up incredibly well to rowdy play (puppies! in the forest!) and some pretty nasty weather. Furthermore, it’s intuitive and simple to use.

Since Findster Duo+ uses wireless technology instead of relying on cell service, there’s no monthly subscription. Just pay for the kit and that’s it.

MSRP: $149.99 •