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Date(s) - 05/18/2024


Stetina's Paydirt

Stetina’s Paydirt: The next frontier of Gravel Racing: The Pine Nut Mountains

The Pine Nut Mountains are a rugged mountain range located to the east of Carson City, Nevada. Characterized by their distinct granite peaks, juniper woodlands, and sagebrush-covered foothills, this range stretches approximately 40 miles in length and varies in elevation, with its tallest point being Mount Siegel at over 9,400 feet. The region is not only prized for its picturesque landscapes but also its rich biodiversity. The mountains serve as a habitat for diverse wildlife including wild horses, mule deer, and various bird species. Historically used by the Washoe people for its abundant resources, the Pine Nut Mountains remain a significant landmark in Nevada, drawing outdoor enthusiasts for hiking, hunting, and camping. Stetina’s Paydirt explores this rugged landscape.

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image of Stetina's Paydirt course


Carson City, Nevada

The perfect blend of competition and camaraderie; the Paydirt is equal parts race and celebration. With Bike Monkey’s Road Rally format; racing takes place on designated segments. It’s the perfect mix of full-gas racing while allowing you time to socialize, regroup, and enjoy the bounty of our aid stations.

This is a mixed terrain pavement/gravel/sand event. The course is 58 miles, 4,155′. Mixed-terrain gravel bikes are the best choice for this race.. A hardtail mountain bike will do if you have fast tires. We recommend having tubeless, 38c or larger tires with some tred.

The old way of all-out racing is not the way at Stetina’s Carson City Paydirt. Instead, the Paydirt consists of a handful of timed segments to keep things competitive without separating yourself from dear friends in the dusty west of Nevada’s desert.

This event is a competitive gravel/dirt/pavement event with awards for top 3 riders in various age and gender groups.

Segments will be announced closer to the event. But know that this event consists of a handful of timed segments to compete on rather than the traditional end-to-end race. This keeps some of the gathering and pack riding intact while still giving people a chance to best their friends and enemies.


69.2 Miles, 4,852 Feet

The 2024 long course will be a return of the celebrated 2023 edition. It will include 3 segments, all detailed within the map here.

SEGMENT 1 is the longest in distance at 18 miles, and technically demanding. We tend to see the majority of our flats on this first segment of our route.

SEGMENT 2 in 2023 was host to an incredible superbloom of wildflowers. Will we be so lucky this year? We shall see.

SEGMENT 3 is the grand finale — a climb from Jacks Valley Road to HWY 50 on Clear Creek Trail: a smooth single-track ascent. You’ll get blissed out, but don’t let that turn into complacency or you’ll wash out on a sandy turn.


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