Musings from a mountain biking addict on the zen of riding

By Sarah Hansing


Bills. Deadlines. Work. School. Exes. Heartbreak. Expectations. Past. Present. Future. Dirty House. Laundry. Chores. Money. Car Repairs. Moving. Renting. Problems. Temporary Solutions. Dating. Not Dating. Too Fat. Too Thin. Jobs. Family. Sick Pets. Sick Kids. Things Done Wrong. Take Backs. Do-Overs. Wishes. Dreams. Hopes. Grocery Shopping. Errands. What If? What Then? I Wish I Would’ve. I Wish We Could’ve. I Hope Things Will. What Now?

Well, I’ll tell you what now.

Shut Up Brain. We’re Going For A Bike Ride.

Before you convince yourself otherwise…. just get on your bike, and ride.
You don’t have to pedal fast. You just have to pedal. Somewhere familiar or different, any pace you like. Just get out there and ride.

Now isn’t that better?