The Fi smart dog collar isn’t just smart, it’s durable, stylish, and intuitive to boot. Created from noticeably high-grade materials, this location/activity tracking collar is both chew-proof and waterproof, and can stand up to just about any adventures Fido takes off on.

The collar’s technology — which pairs with WiFi, Bluetooth and cell service — not only keeps track of your pup’s whereabouts, but also how many steps and miles he/she travels each day — great for making sure your best friend stays in shape.

There’s a social aspect to the Fi collar as well. Your canine friend can compete against other dogs wearing Fi collars nationwide, and you can connect with other Fi dogs in your area. You can even link up to your pup’s Instagram to share his/her adventures!

The Fi collar’s battery is proven to be remarkably long lasting. Band choices include blue, gray, yellow, and pink in sizes S thru XL. 30-day GPS trial plus one year warranty included.