1. Zamp Portable Solar Portable Kit

The Zamp Portable Solar Kit is already off to a great start in amping up our ASJ Road Show (and beyond!) adventures this season. We’re using our kit to keep our travel trailer batteries charged for off-grid living, but it’s also great for charging RV, truck camper and boat batteries as well. So, no matter what your preferred adventure vehicle, Zamp has you covered. No mounting is required, simply fold out and hook to your batteries, or plug straight into the sidewall of your camper via the Zamp’s optional Plug and Play Portable Solar Kit Quick Port.

Ranging from 40 to 200 watts of available power output, Zamp portable solar kits provide all the power of roof mounted systems, but are a more flexible option as you can place the panel in direct sunlight even when your camper is in the shade. The kit’s