Help Powerlines Productions prepare for the upcoming Mavericks season

powerlines productions

Powerlines Productions founder Curt Myers at work. Photo: Euan Rannachan.

A GOFUNDME CAMPAIGN HAS BEEN LAUNCHED TO SUPPORT Powerlines Productions with its PWC (aka Jetski) operational overhead in preparation for the upcoming Mavericks season. Expenses include storage, launch-ramp fees, fuel, maintenance, and miscellaneous equipment.

Powerlines, founded by Curt Myers, has been documenting Mavericks from a PWC since the late 1980s and has set the bar for sharing video clips, footage, and water support to the hundreds of surfers that come to enjoy Mavericks from around the world. Powerlines does this at the most soulful level, based on appreciation for the surfers and Mavericks.

If every surfer who has received video clips, pictures or water support from Powerlines gave a little, this campaign will be a success.

Even if you just enjoy watching Powerlines footage consider donating a little as it will go a long way towards keeping them in the lineup.

Learn more and donate here: