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Black Diamond Presents: Jackson Marvell’s Intrepid Climbing

Posted By Taylor Luckenbach 

By Ben Neilson: December 26, 2019 

At the ripe age of 23, Jackson Marvell has made a name for himself in the climbing world by tackling daunting and dangerous walls from the Colorado Plateau all the way to Kyrgyzstan.  Marvell’s feats include cascading canyons, daggers, narrow lines, rippling pillars, and translucent ice. In the climbing world, Marvell’s climbing is more then just impressive, it is astonishing. This Utah native summited 100 desert towers before he could legally drink  and continues to impress all those who come into contact with him.

Marvell’s passion and love for climbing is inspiring and authentic. He is a true maverick and a obvious example of what accomplishing challenging goals looks like. Local filmmaker and photographer Ben Neilson was filming last season, and captured Marvell in his element. Here he is climbing some of Utah’s hardest ice and mixed routes.