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Meet the Women Pushing Freeride MTB Boundaries

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Michelle Parker is no stranger to everything adventure sports. The renown pro-skier from Truckee, California jumps at any chance she can get to push adventure sports boundaries. This does not exclude mountain biking. When the opportunity presented itself to join with MTB top female riders, Michelle did not pass up on the opportunity.

Join Tahnée Seagrave, Vaea Verbeeck, Hannah Bergemann, Veronique Sandler, Vinny Armstrong and Micayla Gatto as they meet up with Michelle Parker, Rebecca Rusch and Jill Kintner. Watch as the women come together to create an unforgettable MTB experience.

Watch as Michelle’s determination and inspiration guide her through the cascading canyons of Utah. See the magic happen when a group of daring female riders test the waters of riding a Rampage-style line.