Non-profit advocacy organization Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz encourages supporters to chime in for trails

Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBoSC) reports that the Santa Cruz City Parks Master Plan Draft acknowledges the need for more mountain bike access and outlines potential opportunities for exploration. These recommendations were developed by Parks and Recreation staff and recommended for adoption by Council by the Parks and Recreation Commission at their 6/12/17 meeting. Staff recommendations for the final plan include:

● Pogonip: Add a separate downhill mountain bike trail with unique features and obstacles
● Delaveaga Park: Separate, downhill mountain biking facility or skill building area

● Link Harvey West Park to Emma McCrary Trail
● Create a multi-use trail along Glen Coolidge Drive to connect Spring Street to UCSC and the U-Con Trail
● Allow mountain bike use on the remainder of the Rincon Trail, from the U-Con trail intersection to Glen Coolidge Drive
● Expand the multi-use trail network in Delaveaga and improve connectivity throughout the park, utilizing existing fire roads and ad-hoc trails

The next meeting with the Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Commission is September 25, 4:00-6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 809 Center St., where MBoSC will present petitions and letters.

After that, there is another important meeting with City Council on October 10, time TBA. MBoSC strongly urges supporters to come to this meeting. “We have been engaging with city council members and parks and recreation commission members on the daily with loads of meetings, phone calls, and hikes. We believe the prospective plans could pass but we need your support for sure. If you can make it to both meetings that is fantastic, but please come to the meeting on October 10.”

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