Month: October 2009

24 Hours of Enlightenment

Mountain bike racers seem to fall into two categories: riders and racers. Riders proclaim that racing takes away from the very idea of mountain biking, shedding the fast paced, citified lifestyle in exchange for some winding single track with expansive views. Racers tend to approach riding as more of a challenge, and faster is always better. Ultimately, both pursuits will enrich your riding experience tremendously. Even if you lean more toward riding than racing, experience in one will always make you better at the other. Nowhere is that more apparent than during an endurance event like 24 hour racing.

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The Lake Tahoe/Truckee area is said to be a disc golf paradise. We had to find out for ourselves. Not to play a course or two in between mountain biking and climbing, but to get serious about playing as many courses as possible. This will not be a tour or a spree, we decided, this will be an endurance challenge. We are not here to sample some disc golf, we said, but to immerse ourselves in it. Four courses back to back in 24 hours. Discwood, Bijou, Zephyr, and Truckee÷what better way to experience these well-known disc golf courses than back to back? What better way to spend a fall weekend?

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24 Hours of Attitude Adjustment

It's our team's third year at the 24 Hours of Adrenalin mountain bike race at Laguna Seca in Monterey, California, and trouble is brewing. Team Mudmen has always cultivated a studied indifference to the results of the race. We're there for the fun, the camping, the staying up all night. Oh, sure, there's the riding around on mountain bikes, but we consider that something of a necessary evil. But now we have an issue. Snake, one of our very own, actually cares how we're doing in the race.

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Pumpin’: An Introduction to the World of Pump Tracks

Unless you’ve been hanging out by the bike shop water cooler, you might not have heard of the latest craze to hit the mountain bike world – the pump track. A pump track is a small, looping trail system that you can ride continuously without pedaling. Your speed along the pump track is dependent on your ability to gain momentum by “pumping” the tight terrain transitions of the track.

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Catching Up with ‘Shred-Sticker’

Cody Townsend has had a big year. As if taking second at the invitation-only Big Mountain Freeskiing and Riding Comp in the European Alps (only eight international skiers were invited) and winning the Red Bull Cold Rush’s Chinese Downhill Championship this past winter, he also had the luck to ski with Chris Davenport in the Chugach Range in Alaska for a segment in the latest Warren Miller installment, Playground.

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Pre-hab, not Re-hab!

The price of this seasonal drift? Each winter, after my first days of lunging and plunging on my tele skis, I am hobbled. A hundred-year flood of lactic acid saturates the pulverized tissue of my thighs and glutes. The first month of the season is spent recovering, trying to ski myself into shape, while sidestepping the serious injuries I’m courting because of my lack of due diligence.

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Behaving Like Salmon

We park at the put-in on the Sacramento River near downtown Redding and unload our river craft, two slick Brit-style composite sea kayaks owned by Garth Schmeck, patriarch of the local paddle club and shop, Penguin Paddlers. Living at the forehead of the Central Valley, four-plus highway hours from the coast, Garth keeps his fitness and rough-water touring skills honed on the swift green water and Class II riffles of the lower Sacramento between Shasta Dam and Red Bluff.

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Crucial Beta: The Climber’s Guidebook

In the adventurous world of rock climbing sometimes knowledge is half the battle. Whether you’re an aspiring climber or a seasoned wall rat, having prior knowledge about the details and difficulties of a climbing route can be a vital first step to a successful ascent. Commonly known in climbing lingo as “beta,” such route information can have life and death consequences

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Honeymoon on the PCT

‘Tropical islands, beach bungalows and fruity drinks with umbrellas. Ho hum and a bottle of rum. That’s so, uh, pedestrian … You know, honey, there’s a trail that runs 2,650 miles from Canada to Mexico, over some of the West’s most rugged terrain. We’ll put about 10 pounds of bare-minimum essentials in ultralight packs, lace up some comfy shoes and lock up the house for four months. It’ll be a wonderful honeymoon!’

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One Wheel Will Do, Thanks

“First off, people can’t be posers,” Corbin Dunn says. Riding a 36” fat-wheeled Coker unicycle, Dunn powers up a steep road in Los Gatos on a weeknight ride with a motley contingent of mountain unicyclists. The lone wheel is enormous. He powers up hill faster than a typical mountain biker. On the descents, his legs spin madly, trying to keep his feet on the pedals. He has broken his “handlebar,” a small carbon-fiber nub under his seat. Regardless, he aims for a berm on the side of the road. He bails at the last second, falling nearly four feet off his perch. He remounts in one fluid succession of movements.

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Join @ellasuring and @theory_in_motion as they discuss ultra running and Alyssa’s journey as both an athlete and a coach. The full interview is out now on our website. 🏃🏼‍♀️

Check the link in bio to learn more 🔗

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There’s still time for spring skiing at @bvadventure

With over 65 kilometers of groomed paths and a cafe on the trails, it’s a great destination for the whole family.

#xcskiing #adventure #california

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Looking to beat the crowds this season for some spring skiing? Just 3 hours from the Bay is Bear Valley Mountain Resort. Our writer @ellasuring explored the area this weekend and was greeted with short lift lines and friendly faces to share in the stoke!

@bearvalleyresort is located between Tahoe and Yosemite and is the perfect casual ski destination for friends and families. With a variety of terrain levels, rentals, a lodge and lots of dining options, it’s the perfect winter getaway.

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🌸 Embrace the vibrant magic of spring in California`s desert state parks! 🌼 Get ready to be amazed by a sea of rainbow colors as the wildflower season blooms in all its glory. 🌈✨ Don`t miss out on this impressive display of nature`s artistry! 🌺🌵⁠ ⁠

Learn more about the bloom at the link in our bio!⁠

© California State Parks, all rights reserved. 2024.⁠

#SpringinCalifornia #WildflowerSeason #NatureAtItsFinest

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🏕️ As the popularity of dispersed camping grows, an increasing number of campers are leaving the beaten path. Picture the disappointment of arriving at your chosen adventure spot after hours of planning and travel, only to find it strewn with litter. ⁠

🌿 Let`s safeguard the unspoiled magnificence of our natural surroundings! ⁠

Click the link in our bio 🔗 for five essential tips to ensure your next outdoor escapade respects and preserves the beauty of our wild spaces. ⁠

Photo and story by Krista Houghton

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Disconnect to Reconnect: James Murren shares his annual tradition of a ‘Digital Detox’ in this issue’s Earn Your Beer column. 🌵

This year, he turned to the deserts of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park to reset. Read about his soul-refreshing experience. Cheers to adventure and unplugging! 📵

Featured Brews — The Butcher by @societebrewing and Bigfoot Barleywine-Style Ale by @sierranevada 🍻

Photo by Left Coast Photographer 📸

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