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As gorgeous as that winter wonderland outside is, it’s vital to keep out the cold to enjoy your next wintertime camping trip to the fullest extent. Check out these seven handy tips to keep in mind to keep warm.

1. Stay dry!
If your inner layers get wet, it’s almost impossible to keep out the cold. Bring extra clothes you can put on when you get wet. Keep them in a plastic bag to help keep them dry.

2. Wear separate clothes for bed
If you go to bed with the same clothes you wore during the day, you’ll bring unnecessary moisture into your sleeping bag that will make everything wet and chilly. If you hate changing in the cold morning air, put on tomorrow’s clothing before bedtime, and you can skip the miserable A.M. clothing change!

3. Eat and drink
When it comes down to it, it’s your body that generates heat, not your outer protective gear. You’ll need lots of fuel from food and water to generate the heat you need to stay active.

4. Use hand and foot warmers
About an hour before you go to bed, put 3-4 hand or foot warmers in your sleeping bag. Zip it up and then wait by the campfire. When you go to bed, your bag will be a cozy cocoon of warmth!

5. Wear wool socks
Wool socks are drier than cotton and therefore warmer because they can wick moisture away.

6. Top it off with a hat
You lose most of your warmth through you head, so keep on a warm fleece-lined hat when you’re out and about, and then switch to another dry one when you’re about to call it a night.

7. Invest in a down jacket
One of your most powerful defenses against the cold is a quality-insulated jacket. Marmot’s Down Defender Jacket Collection feature 700 fill power down, and have been treated with highly water resistant Marmot Down Defender to keep you drier for longer. You’ll feel warm and toasty as you enjoy the great outdoors.

For more Marmot gear and apparel that will keep you warm and toasty on your next wintertime excursion, check out the video below and head over to DICK’S Sporting Goods. DICK’s Sporting Goods and Marmot have something for all of your needs!


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