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Earn Your Beer: MTB Prescott and Sedona

Mountain Biking in Arizona

By James Murren

There is Fruita/Moab. And there is Brevard-Pisgah/Dupont. Perhaps we can say Tahoe/Truckee. What about all the good riding spots on the Keweenaw Peninsula? Places on the map that are good for a week’s worth of riding, is what I’m getting at. You get me?  One mountain biking (MTB) destination combo that I have not heard much about is Prescott/Sedona. After going there for a week of riding, I thought I might help put it on someone’s map, if it’s not already there. It is now on my list of destinations for MTB getaways.

The locations

>> Prescott Mile high pine forests on the edge of the desert, with hundreds of miles of cross-country trails that encircle the old cowboy town of yore, complete with a big courthouse sitting smack dab in the middle of town. This was my first go-round riding a bike …

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Conscious Construction

Surfboard Manufacturers Driving Change

By Aloe Driscoll

A surfer’s board represents the ultimate tool for communing with nature, and conjures images of azure blue waves curling across rainbows of reef. However, this emblem of environmentalism is tainted by a dirty secret. 

For more than half a century, the majority of surfboards produced worldwide have consisted of polyurethane foam laminated with fiberglass and polyester resin. These materials are toxic to the shapers that work with them, and to the environment: traditional methods for shaping “poly” boards generate almost twice as much waste as they do end product. In addition, volatile solvents are used throughout the manufacturing process.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) blanks covered with fiberglass and epoxy resin present a less toxic alternative. Sustainable Surf offers different levels of  “ecoboard” certification for epoxy boards that contain at least 19% biological components. To qualify for the higher “Gold Level” certification, the outer shell …

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2019 Big Water Warning Video and Tips Released

Stay alive and hire a guide

Press Release // Contact John Stallone •

Kernville, CA – “If ever there was a time to go rafting with professionals and make sure you have the right equipment – it’s this big water year,” says John Stallone, Owner and President of Mountain & River Adventures, an outfitter who’s base camp has been on the Kern River for over 30 years. High water is here. The California Department of Water Resources data as of April 2nd is reporting the Sierra Nevada snowpack is a whopping 162 percent of average. 

In an effort to increase awareness, safety, and enjoyment on the Kern River this spring, Mountain & River Adventures has just released a free educational video warning the public to choose equipment and professional guides to stay safe and maximize their enjoyment while experiencing this year’s high water on the Kern River.

This year’s …

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