Outdoor enthusiasts invited to immerse in “work hard, play hard” escape

Press Release, San Francisco – The Outbound Collective and Eventus Outdoors will kick off the CamelBak Pursuit Series, two immersive events for outdoor enthusiasts, urban professionals and adventurous families and friends, beginning in August 2017.

At each of the three-day CamelBak Pursuit Series events, participants will “play hard, have fun, and learn all of the outdoor activities and skills they’ve always dreamt about,” said a company representative. Located just outside the urban hubs of Salt Lake City, UT and San Francisco, CA, the series’ inaugural year will see the two events touch down in nearby Snowbasin Mountain Resort, UT on August 11-13 and Sanborn County Park, CA, just 50 miles south of San Francisco, on September 8-10.

The CamelBak Pursuit Series is sponsored by The Outbound Collective, an online outdoor and travel community, and CamelBak. “The CamelBak Pursuit Series is the type of event we want to attend – a work hard, play hard escape. In this era of sprawling metropolises and packed schedules, play is an essential counterbalance,” said Jessica Klodnicki, CamelBak general manager. “At CamelBak, we are the pioneers of hands free hydration but we are more than that. We want to encourage you to go off script and live in a moment without distraction. Pursuit is exactly that free space to play, to explore, and to challenge yourself.”

Participants will experience educational and experiential offerings from experts and enthusiasts across the outdoors space, including Learn to SUP, Intro to Backpacking, Mountain Bike Skills and Campfire Cooking. On-site camping and glamping options are available, as are curated culinary experiences and a chance to mingle with outdoor brands and talent. Experts and athletes from title sponsor CamelBak and other industry brands will also be on hand.

“The Outbound Collective and CamelBak are the perfect partners to welcome people outdoors and out of their comfort zone,” event Co-Founder Julia Stamps Mallon said. “We want to highlight the importance of outdoor skills, unity, and the enjoyment that abounds in nature, but also how easily accessed it is, especially with a open-minded community.” Brian Heifferon, event Co-Founder and CEO/Founder of The Outbound Collective added, “We’re excited to finally bring our online community together in the real world and to offer a truly authentic and transformative outdoor experience. Our mission has always been to improve access to the outdoors for people of all backgrounds, wherever they’re from, and whatever their ability level. We believe creating the CamelBak Pursuit Series, and helping people live healthier and happier lives as a result, is another exciting step down that path.”

Stamps Mallon continued, “We’re particularly excited to be working with such esteemed and respected brands, ambassadors, and athletes who will act as our guides and leaders throughout the weekend, as well as a panel of acclaimed outdoors and travel journalists who will lead a powerful new immersive writing experience and class for enthusiasts.”

More information and the full schedule for the two locations can be found here. The CamelBak Pursuit Series is a joint venture between The Outbound Collective and Eventus Outdoors.