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Official Trailer: Warren Miller’s “Face of Winter”

69th installment from Warren Miller Entertainment features some of Miller’s favorite locations

LOVING THE PURE JOYS OF WINTER is something we have in common with the late, great Warren Miller, who helped create and capture the magic of skiing. This fall, Face of Winter — the 69th installment from Warren Miller Entertainment presented by Volkswagen — will bring new and veteran athletes together to pay tribute to the man who started it all.

Visit some of Warren’s favorite locations, from Engleberg to Chamonix, British Columbia to Alaska, Chile, Iceland, New Zealand, Washington and more. Watch as world-class athletes like Jessie Diggins, Anna Segal, Dash Longe, Forrest Jillson, Amie Engerbretson, Seth Wescott, Jim Ryan and others carve down the faces of remote mountain ranges and pursue the thrills of a life lived in high places.

Follow along and celebrate a life lived in high places at


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Official Trailer: Ode to Muir – The High Sierra

New film from Teton Gravity Research stars professional snowboarder, adventurer and founder of Protect our Winters Jeremy Jones

TETON GRAVITY’S NEWEST FILM ODE TO MUIR pairs professional snowboarder, adventurer and founder of Protect Our Winters Jeremy Jones with two-time Olympian Elena Hight as they embark on a 40-mile foot-powered expedition deep into California’s John Muir Wilderness. Their journey balances the challenges of winter camping, grueling climbs up the Sierra’s biggest mountains, and aesthetic first descents with personal reflections on the importance of the natural world and those who first traveled it generations ago, and sharing perspectives gleaned from what it truly means to explore a great American Wilderness.

Get more information, including tour dates and tickets, at



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Video: REEL ROCK 12 Trailer

Tickets now available for climbing’s biggest film festival

REEL ROCK has been following the world’s most exciting climbers, documenting their gripping tales and groundbreaking sends. REEL ROCK 12 brings you stories from the edge, featuring big names and breakout stars. Starring Margo Hayes, the first woman to climb 5.15; Brad Gobright, an up-and-coming free soloist with a donut addiction; the return of Chris Sharma to the deep water soloing stage; and introducing Maureen Beck, a one-handed crusher who’s gonna knock your socks off.

2017 LINE-UP

Above the Sea
Legendary climber Chris Sharma returns to the island of Mallorca where he discovers an untouched, sweeping wall. If he can endure numerous heart-stopping plunges into the sea and finally link the moves, he will establish what may be the world’s hardest deep water solo climb.

Break on Through
In modern rock climbing, 5.15 is the top of the difficulty scale, a …

Fat Tire Tuesday: You Go Where You Look

Life lessons courtesy of … your bicycle

By Sarah Hansing

“Nice!” I shouted, as my friend cleared a rock garden …

She put a foot down, dabbing only slightly at the bottom of the gnarly section. Looking at her, I did the same thing. “We just synchronized dabbed!” I enthusiastically observed. (I’m not certain why I was so excited about that …)

She grumbled back (mostly to herself) …  “Headed for a poison oak patch … I was looking right at it, and so that’s where I went. THAT’S HOW IT WORKS, ANNE.”

I started giggling, which quickly evolved into a snort, a chuckle, then a downright laugh. “You know, Anne, I think you may have just become the title to my next blog post:  ‘I Was Looking Right At It, So That’s Where I Went: A Guide To Mountain Biking, Driving, and Life In General.'”

Because really,

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Fat Tire Tuesday: Ocean Weasel

Reflections on getting Sea Ottered

by Sarah Hansing

Ocean Weasel

Well, I don’t know about you all, but I can say with confidence that I have been Sea Ottered. Which is to say, I am still a little sunburned and a lot tired from an epic weekend of sunshine, bike races and scoping new product at Laguna Seca.

Now I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking I was racing, because I wasn’t. I was actually working at the Bosch booth with Gazelle for two days of the event, and wandering semi-aimlessly with my wife for one day. (Well … kind of semi-aimlessly. She was very determined to find a sock vendor that would appeal to her fashion sensibilities, and I believe that quest can be deemed a success. We actually had to make an extra trip post-purchase to drop off all of the socks, as there were too many pairs …

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Fat Tire Tuesday: Go Play

Rain rain, you went away

By Sarah Hansing

Fat Tire TuesdayIT FINALLY STOPPED RAINING!!  Oh my gosh you guys. It’s felt like summer lately, with the sun shining, the birds singing and the sunlight lasting until well after 7pm. Days filled with short sleeve jerseys and singletrack, lunch rides and after work extravaganzas.

And can I say, even though my lack of fitness is very evident to me, and I did in fact throw up a little chasing one of my co-workers on the Old Cabin loop at Wilder Ranch, I feel GREAT.

Not like “Oh man, I’m so super fit and I can ride for hours without stopping”  kind of great, but definitely “Hee hee hee! Let’s go outside and play in the woods!” kind of great.

I think the best way I can explain it is just like that.

I haven’t been necessarily going out on a mission to ride

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Fat Tire Tuesday: Neptune’s Kingdom

Well, as our trail network may well have been re-named “Neptune’s Kingdom” at this point, I don’t have a lot to say for myself in regards to mountain biking as of late.  

I mean, I’d love to tell you that I’m super focused, in the groove and totally committed to preparing for the upcoming race season. I’d also love to just casually mention in passing that I’ve slimmed down, shaped up and am in it to win it (and a bunch of other active-wear /energy drink/ personal-trainer/ free water bottle-type-slogans that were written by people who have obviously never suffered the  gross injustice known as “exercise” and “training” in their own lives and as a result, create a well intended but misguided series of “inspiring” phrases that only really inspire you to want to simultaneously punch them AND your condescending yogurt lid with it’s offensively perky cursive font that

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Fat Tire Freedom: Riding the Trail Backwards

Reflections on perspective

By Sarah Hansing

Yesterday I rode the same trail that I’ve ridden at least a hundred times, and I sort of got lost.

And by “sort of,” I mean that I was actually completely and totally turned around for at least ten minutes. I had to backtrack through the redwoods, retrace my way along some singletrack, and re-negotiate the turns and twists that I (up until now) thought I could ride blindfolded.

The truth is that I probably would have done BETTER if I was blindfolded, instead of doing what I was doing.

(NO, I wasn’t doing THAT … sheesh.)

I was riding the trail backwards.

Now I don’t know if that is something any of ya’ll have ever done, but let me tell you – the ol “left right left right”  mantra of following a trail doesn’t work that well when you’re coming from the …

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Fat Tire Freedom: She’s Baaaack

Fat Tire Tuesday’s Sarah Hansing is riding amok again, and not containing herself to just Tuesdays either … 

Pfffffftttt …………


Because I am a grown up, I often make a fart sound with my mouth, followed by a declaration, to clarify what my intention is:  

“Fart noise!” I will proclaim.

Because I do this often, I think maybe it has become a bit more second nature than I would prefer. Which is to say: I don’t even realize I’m doing it sometimes.

This is not how an adult is supposed to act.

I am aware of this, because I am (by numbers) an adult. However, I would like to stand up and own the fact that this year. This month. And this particular STUPID MONDAY … I AM BAD AT ADULTING.

*spoiler alert: I am always bad at adulting.  It’s not just this Monday.

Look. It was

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Van Living: 13 Feet of Love

Life with Olive

By Lynn Kennen

About a year ago I decided to change my life. I quit my reliable ‘normal’ job as the general manager of a restaurant in Tahoe City to be a nomadic guide for various adventure sports full time.

I rented out my home in Tahoe City and moved into a succession of “van-life” vehicles: first a van, then a 4-Runner, and finally the 13-foot ’72 Bell travel trailer I call “Olive.” In those first several months with Olive, I lived, worked and played “on the road” throughout the western US, including mountain bike guiding in the Tahoe area with Tahoe Adventure Company, mountain bike and river guiding with Row Adventures in Idaho, Oregon and Washington, personal riding adventures in the Lost Sierra and Shasta areas, and my 12th annual trip to Burning Man.

It wasn’t long before I realized I didn’t need much of

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Profiles in Courage: Jocelyn Judd

Profiles in Courage: Jocelyn Judd

By Domenica Berman

On the morning of April 19th, 2014, Jocelyn Judd donned her fat suit and hit the slopes.

“Yeah, I think I bought the fat suit for Halloween the year before and never ended up wearing it, so I don’t know, I thought it would be funny to wear it skiing.”

It was closing weekend of the season at Grand Targhee, Wyoming and everyone was goofing around.

“My friend was videoing because I thought it would be funny to see what happened with the fat suit and my hair when I did a backflip,” Jocelyn chuckled. “I thought you know, I’ve been doing back flips since I was like 12, no big deal and then I just picked up way too much speed.”

She over rotated the backflip and landed on her neck. She was paralyzed from the neck down and told

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Mountain Monday: Halloween in the Hills

Adventures on All Hallows’ Eve

By Meggan Wenbourne

As the years go on, I find myself losing the holiday sparkle and flair that I once felt when I was younger. Halloween is one of those holidays for me and I find myself making every excuse in the book to not participate. I loathed the idea of being caught outside in clothing that is not appropriate for the weather conditions with people I did not know … until I started climbing.

Climbing really has been a lifestyle change for me beyond the normal smelly shoes, short fingernails and language of arm motions type of life most people think of when they the think of a textbook climber. I have found myself looking forward to the holidays again because it usually means longer chunks of time off work to go play somewhere outside with my friends and climbing community.

Halloween, since …

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