Keeping the wheels rolling forward, nice ‘n easy 

By Sarah Hansing

Well, I hit my head again.  

No surprise I suppose, but this is the third (or fourth?) helmet I’ve cracked in 14 months, and this time it rattled me. And by “rattled” I don’t just mean it addled my brain. I mean it shook me to my core, emotionally. It scared me. And because of concussion number three (four? I can’t honestly remember) … because of the frequency of hits to the head, I took a pretty long break from the trails.

It was with great trepidation and a lot of coaxing from friends and co-workers that I finally put tires to dirt again recently.  

I’ve been creeping along the trails. I mean REALLY picking my lines carefully, and trying to not do anything that falls into what could be defined as “dumb.” 

No taking chances. No hauling