Goodies for your active lifestyle

1. Original Crazy Creek Chair

This is the original camping chair that changed the game over thirty years ago. The collapsible, foldable chair is completely adjustable to a wide range of sitting positions making it suitable for picnics, sitting around the campfire, or even working on your laptop next to a lake.

We use these chairs to watch sporting events like baseball and soccer games as an alternative to sitting on metal bleachers or lugging around bulky stadium chairs.

Crazy Creek is offering the original color combo (purple and teal) from thirty years ago to celebrate their anniversary.

MSRP: $49.95

2. CamelBak Franconia Hiking Pack

Designed for technical, all-day hikes, the Franconia LR is our top-of-the-line lumbar hiking pack, designed for carrying a day’s worth of food, fuel and gear. Here’s the lowdown on lumbar reservoirs: by shifting water weight to your hips, they provide the stability you need, the water you want, and the mobility you didn’t know you lacked. The Franconia is also designed to keep you cool and hydrated on grueling mountain routes. The Air Suspension™ back panel keeps the pack off your back for plenty of ventilation, and the zippered pockets on the waistbelt give you instant access to maps or bars. It’s also easy to drink without taking your eyes off the trail: the new reservoir delivers more water per sip, and the magnetic tube trap lets you snap the tube into place without fumbling.

MSRP: $160.00

3. Optimus Sliding Long Spoon

Weighing in at 25 grams, this little spoon is great for stirring your hot chocolate or digging into a bowl of your favorite cereal. The spoon is slightly less than 7 inches long when collapsed. Simply slide the handle to its extended position and it is 9.5 inches long, making it easy to prepare and eat from your favorite dehydrated meal pouches in the backcountry. No more messy hands from using a standard spoon! It is also good for stirring in deep pots. Who would have thought a spoon would be such an important part of your backpacking kit.

MSRP: $9.99

4. LEKI Carbon Lady DSS Trekking Poles

Specifically designed and engineered for women, these LEKI poles have smaller grips, shorter straps and overall smaller dimensions. And now introducing LEKI’s new Dynamic Suspension System (DSS) to reducing pole shock and vibration on the trail.

The Carbon Lady is a sophisticated, ultralite, super compact trekking pole that helps take the bite out of long hikes and backpacking journeys. The push-button release mechanism allows for quick, easy assembly and knocks down to just 15.5 inches. The TÜV-certified SpeedLock 2 provides a 20cm adjustment range. With Aergon Thermo foam grips and super lightweight carbon shafts, these trekking poles will be your constant companion and one of your most useful tools on the trails and peaks. Includes travel/stow bag.

MSRP: $219.95

5. Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Hiker First Aid Kit

The Hiker is the perfect first aid kit to throw in your pack for the occasional log hike or short backpack. A must-have companion when you and a friend hit the trail for a day or two, the Hiker is equipped with carefully selected supplies tailored to meet any basic first aid needs you might experience along the way.

The Hiker is as comprehensive as it is compact: blisters, stomach aches, sprains, and wounds won’t slow you down for long when you have this essential first aid kit with you.

MSRP: $25.00

6. GCI Quik-E-Seat

As an alternative to big, expensive camp chairs, the Quik-E-Seat is small and portable. It folds up to 4” X 27” making it small enough to store in your car on a permanent basis. Weighing just four pounds, this is a great choice for car campers who care about packing light. The adjustable carrying strap folds the chair automatically which is a convenient feature when cleaning up the campsite. The fully padded backrest and seat offer a surprising amount of comfort and support for an ultralight chair. With such a small footprint,  the  Quick-E-Seat doubles as a night table for your keys and phone while sleeping in a tent. Try that with a full-size camping chair! This is the perfect choice for people who believe less is more when it comes to car camping.

MSRP: $21.95

7. Urban Armor Gear (UAG)

UAG produces lightweight yet rugged drop-tested military-grade protection for all your devices. The distinctive cases are inspired by a sense of adventure and engineered to protect your gear from the rigors of a mobile lifestyle. UAG products reflect the independent spirit of its designers and represent a dedication to superior quality and craftsmanship.

As work and adventures often go hand-in-hand, you will rest assured knowing your devices are well protected by their UAG Composite cases from the frequent mishaps they endure outdoors. UAG offers different levels of protection for an impressive array of devices.

True story: a member of our staff had her iPhone RUN OVER BY A CAR … the UAG case kept it in perfect condition!

MSRP: $34.95 – $89.95

8. Tepui Expedition Series Duffle Bag

Designed to stand up to whatever abuse you throw at them, the Tepui Expedition Series bags are perfect for road trips. The sturdy materials used in constructing the Expedition Series make them ideal for use in the outdoors and their vivid orange coloring make them easy targets to spot in times of quick necessity. The duffle bag features a large compartment that can be used to store gear, clothing, equipment and more. With a reinforced bottom panel, the bag is water and abrasion resistant, easy to clean, and made from polyester canvas coated with a synthetic resin. Other sizes and styles are also available.

MSRP: $135.00