City of Santa Cruz Parks Master Plan 2030 provides for multi-use and bike specific trails in Pogonip, Harvey West, and Delaveaga parks

Photo: Ryan McCarthy

The City of Santa Cruz is currently undergoing a master planning effort for its parks. Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC) has been working closely with City Parks and Recreation Staff on the plan. The proposed plan includes a progressive, directional, downhill, bike specific trail in Pogonip, the concept is to build a technical and rocky trail, geared to intermediate and advanced riders. The plan also provides for new multi-use trails in Pogonip, Harvey West, and Delaveaga parks to provide better connectivity to residential areas and trail network. Check out the Parks and Recreation Committee website for more information.

These proposed trails represent an unprecedented increase in legal mountain bike trail access, creating new riding opportunities accessible from town. The Parks and Recreation Department has recognized the need for legitimate trail access for mountain bikers. MBoSC is asking supporters to speak up and let the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Santa Cruz City Council know that this is what the mountain bike community wants.

Learn more at and sign the petition to the Santa Cruz City Council here.