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Bud Freitas

Hometown: Santa Cruz     Stance: Regular     Specialty: Rail surfing

Favorite wave: Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz

Goals: To be the best father and husband. To live a healthy, happy life with no regrets.

Your scariest wave: Pipe. It’s a place that deserves all the respect. I never felt comfortable out there and most likely never will. Mavericks is also one that scares me, but I want to have a go at it soon.

What you like to do when you aren’t surfing or teaching others to surf: Hang out with my family, and play golf as much as possible.

What you like most about owning Surf School Santa Cruz: Getting to share the stoke of surfing with random people that I have never met. I also get to watch someone fall in love with the ocean right in front of my eyes which is pretty amazing.

Thoughts on beginners in the lineup: I feel there is a place and time for beginners in the lineup. Not all lineups are made for beginners, but for the most part there are plenty of beginner waves available in Santa Cruz.

Final thoughts: I respect where I surf and hope that everyone around me can see that. I don’t plan to create hassles in the water but to better the line up for all locals and beginner surfers as well.

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