Save Red Rock celebrates unanimous vote to permanently ban shooting in rare forested and dispersed camping area behind Red Rock Canyon

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LAS VEGAS, NV — Save Red Rock (SRR) is pleased to announce that on October 2, 2019, Clark County Commissioners unanimously passed a County Ordinance introduced by Commissioner Justin Jones, which permanently bans shooting in Lovell Canyon, a rare forested and dispersed camping area behind Red Rock Canyon.

In May, Save Red Rock and the Brett Torino Foundation sponsored lead testing in Lovell Canyon. Soil tests conducted in the canyon by John Hiatt, Ph.D. in chemistry, revealed lead concentrations more than 30 times the EPA threshold for safety. Experts believe the alarming lead levels are due to unusually high deposits of lead ammunition. For years, Lovell Canyon forest has been ravaged by gunfire, dumped trash targets, and more than 455 acres were burnt from exploding tannerite targets. Save Red Rock and Save Lovell Canyon supporters signed a petition in August 2017 requesting the Forest Service prohibit shooting in this dispersed camping area. A collaborative task force was formed, including the US Forest Service, Clark County Commissioners, Metro Police Department, Save Red Rock, Save Lovell Canyon, Clark County School District, Center for Biological Diversity, Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Sierra Club, Get Outdoors Nevada, Torino Foundation, and Spring Mountain Free Trappers to address the problems in Lovell Canyon.

“Save Red Rock was established to protect Red Rock Canyon, which is used by outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking peaceful recreation. As Red Rock’s backyard neighbor and campground, Lovell Canyon needs our attention and we hope to continue to assist in it’s restoration,” said Heather Fisher, President of Save Red Rock. “We are grateful to our Clark County Commissioners for taking action to protect our public lands and recreation areas.”

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About Save Red Rock

Save Red Rock is a nonprofit organization working to preserve the safety, serenity, and scenic nature of Red Rock Canyon and Lovell Canyon. Save Red Rock strives to protect the rural character and prioritize environmental and recreational needs of the canyon.

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