September 29 • Santa Cruz to Monterey

Monterey Bay Crossing Outrigger Race

Photo: Don Kinnamon

THE OUTRIGGER CANOE HAS BEEN THE CENTRAL FIGURE in Polynesian culture for many centuries as a mode of transportation, a vessel to explore and populate distant lands, and now a form of recreation and competition. It’s a way of life.

The Monterey Bay Crossing (MBX) is the premiere Long-Distance Race in Northern California with a focus on the Iron Crew (six paddlers) chasing course records. The strength and endurance required of six paddlers to power a canoe over 25 miles is exceptional and requires solid teamwork and focus.

Along with the Iron Crews, many paddlers cross the bay for the first time as a member of a “change” crew. A change crew will consist of 9-12 people all taking turns in the canoe over the 25 mile course.

The event culminates with a great post-race party in Monterey and a memorable bus ride back to Santa Cruz.

Host Club: Outrigger Santa Cruz

Course: Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor to Del Monte Beach Monterey (25 Miles)

Participants: 200+ paddlers from across the West Coast (CA, WA, Canada) Purpose: Set new course records in six (6) divisions and have fun

Learn more and register here.