Help improve Lost Sierra mountain biking trails and get the chance to win a Santa Cruz bike of choice

Santa Cruz Factory Racing pro rider Scott Chapin pinned on the Downieville Classic 2015 course (Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship).

Santa Cruz Factory Racing pro rider Scott Chapin pinned on the Downieville Classic 2015 course (Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship).

Press Release // Whether you’re a regular or have only been to Downieville once, the magic felt in this Lost Sierra hamlet sticks with every visitor for life. Downieville is a window into the past, rich with prospecting history, where rugged frontier living still exists and the awe-inspiring power of nature is felt with every experience. Downieville also happens to have some pretty amazing singletrack originally carved 165 years ago, a legacy worth more than the gold found in these mountains.

Since 2003, the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship has operated as a 501c3 non-profit, dedicated to the restoration, preservation and enhancement of recreational trails in Tahoe and Plumas National Forest. Through fundraisers like 5 Bucks a Foot, profits from Yuba Expeditions, proceeds from events like the Downieville Classic, Grinduro! and the Lost and Found Gravel Grinder, the Stewardship is able to employ a full-time staff of local residents while building and maintaining world-class, multi-use trail that brings tourism to the region.

Thanks to the generosity of folks who cherish the magic of the Lost Sierra, the 5 Bucks a Foot campaign has been an enormous success, raising more than $150,000 dollars in funds that have gone to maintain existing trails and build new world-class singletrack like Mills Peak Trail.

Running between November 27 and January 6, 2016, the Grand Prize of this year’s 5 Bucks a Foot campaign will be any Santa Cruz Bicycles whip of the winner’s choice up to $10,000 in value. Thanks to a recently signed Partnership Agreement with Tahoe National Forest, the Stewardship will use proceeds raised through this year’s 5 Bucks a Foot campaign to improve and develop 60 miles of the Downieville Trail System as well as employ a full-time, local trail crew.

Included in this pivotal agreement is the reclassification of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from Packer Saddle to Gold Lake OHV as a multi-use trail legal for both mountain bikes and motorized use once a new alignment for the PCT is constructed. The agreement also features a new 1.8-mile singletrack linking Gold Lake OHV to Gold Valley OHV, providing nearly six miles of singletrack from the saddle to the notorious trail known as “Baby Heads”. Those familiar with the area know this is a huge deal, opening up numerous options for big backcountry adventure.

The planning process also includes a legal singletrack route from the Saddle all the way to “A Tree” at the top of Lavezzola Creek Trail, making for yet another incredible riding experience off the saddle to Downieville. Also proposed are realignments of Rattlesnake Creek and a new trail connecting Halls Ranch to Chimney Rock. And the more money raised through 5 Bucks a Foot, the more likely all of these plans will become reality, so buy as many feet of trail as you can. Who knows, you might just end up with a bitchin’ Santa Cruz bike in your stable.

Without the unwavering support of the community, Stewardship members and our long-time partner Santa Cruz Bicycles – a company that has made invaluable contributions to the health of the Stewardship, Yuba Expeditions and the trails surrounding Downieville – none of this would be possible. So from our family to yours, have an incredible Holiday Season, and thank you for continuing to help the Lost Sierra thrive with magical outdoor recreation experiences for all ages and users.

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