Fundraising efforts for female big wave surf comp in full swing

(Super Sessions II)

(Super Sessions II)

Super Sessions is a multi-media project that gives the world’s most talented female big wave surfers the resources to record their most epic moments. In 2016, they will chase huge swells across the globe and share their experiences through first person video recounts on a weekly basis throughout the session. Last year’s historic event was a huge success, culminating on December 20th, the biggest day at Maverick’s in five years.

The group is aiming to raise $150,000 to make another year of Super Sessions possible. Donations will go directly to the incredibly talented women chasing the biggest waves, bringing their experiences back through videos shared directly with their fans. The more money raised, the more surf missions these world class athletes can be sent out on.

Super Sessions II launches on January 1, 2016. The surfers will ride and shoot big waves, producing short videos for fans to follow online. The challenges will unfold with a number of secret twists, creating a unique and exciting dynamic for the project.

With the 2016 season already being dubbed the “Godzilla El Nino,” a weather pattern that often brings huge and frequent swells, there are high hopes for a truly spectacular Super Sessions II.

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(Super Sessions II)