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Descending Yosemite

As a canyoneering route, Tenaya Canyon is an exciting, demanding endeavor offering a level of solitude that is difficult to find in other areas of the park.

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Dream Paddle

Stand up paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing watersports, and with its clear water and dramatic shoreline, Lake Tahoe is one of the premier paddling destinations. If you’re a SUP enthusiast, why not circumnavigate the lake this summer?

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Women Who Rock the Boat

It sounds like a simple thing that should occur naturally, but getting women together on whitewater is clearly a niche need that hasn’t been filled in the Golden State. Women are still the minority on the water and more often than not, when women go paddling they are one woman in a group of men.

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Our recent article with Michael Allen is up! Featuring his new film A Long Road To Tao, that's being featured in the Las Cruces International Film Festival this spring along with his work as a fine art surf and wave photographer 🌊🎥⁠

Check out Michael's work at the link in our bio 🔗⁠

Written by contributing writer @ellasuring

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When it’s not raining, Castle Rock State Park offers amazing hiking and rock climbing just under an hour away from Santa Cruz! 🌲🥾

And when it is raining, you can still get out there and have some adventures! 🌧️

We went out last weekend in a break from the rain and sent some climbs at Indian Rock 🧗🏽

Just remember to bring water, snacks, warm clothes, and plan beforehand as there is no cell service there, adventure on!

#rockclimbing #adventuresports #outdoor

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Can anyone guess where this iconic Redwood Tree ring is in Santa Cruz? 🌲The canopies of redwood trees support entire ecosystems of wildlife, insects, plants, and they even create soil up there from decomposing leaves 🍂. Next time you go mountain biking, running, or hiking, take a glance up and wonder at the marvels towering above you! #hiking #santacruz #adventuresportsjournal ...

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