Fat Tire Tuesday’s Sarah Hansing is riding amok again, and not containing herself to just Tuesdays either … 

Pfffffftttt …………


Because I am a grown up, I often make a fart sound with my mouth, followed by a declaration, to clarify what my intention is:  

“Fart noise!” I will proclaim.

Because I do this often, I think maybe it has become a bit more second nature than I would prefer. Which is to say: I don’t even realize I’m doing it sometimes.

This is not how an adult is supposed to act.

I am aware of this, because I am (by numbers) an adult. However, I would like to stand up and own the fact that this year. This month. And this particular STUPID MONDAY … I AM BAD AT ADULTING.

*spoiler alert: I am always bad at adulting.  It’s not just this Monday.

Look. It was