Words by Michele Charboneau
Photos by Scott McClain
Video by Mitch Nuyens and Sebastian Bauer

CES 2017 Round 2: Toro Park from VP Components on Vimeo.

Round 2 of the 2017 California Enduro Series found racers charging the hills of Toro County Park nestled between the Salinas Valley and Monterey Peninsula on Saturday, May 27. Race director Keith DeFiebre has been running his highly successful CCCX cycling races at Toro for 16 years, and although this is just the second year he’s produced an enduro event, it’s already a racer favorite for all levels and ages.

The Toro Enduro’s 20-mile course tested both fitness and handling skills with 3,200 feet of both climbing and descending on dry, loose terrain. Racers were happy for the cool, cloudy morning as they set out on extended climbs to their first timed stages. Pros and experts started their day with the heart-pumping, pedally stages 1 and 2, while sport and beginner racers kicked off with the steeper, more technical stages 3 and 4. The course sent riders through exposed grassy hills, down canyons thick with Spanish moss-hung oaks, and along streams lined with poison oak on steroids.

Between stages, riders swung by the CES Live! timing tent to check their standings. The event’s venue was perfectly situated for racers to refuel and compare times with competitors before setting back out for the next transfer and timed stage.

The clouds broke by afternoon as riders finished their races, they kicked back with friends, family and teammates to await results and podium. Judging by the smiles, laughter, and high fives all around, the Toro Enduro was clearly an event that racers of all levels felt great about.

View full race results here.

Hot out the stage 1 chute on a cool morning in the Salinas hills.

Janea Perry on her way to a first place finish on stage 1.

Evan Geankoplis takes a moment to make some adjustments.

Essence Barton spies her line on stage 4.

Toro Park offers amazing scenery as you transition from stage to stage.

Matthew Koen getting loose in the corners on stage 3.

Jungles of poison oak on stage 2. It was a good thing Tecnu was on hand!

Nick DiNapoli all focus.

Julie Kanagy in fine form coming in to a loose, sandy corner.

Many riders took a break between stages 2 and 3, grabbing a sandwich, rehydrating, and checking their standings on CES Live – the new CES live timing program.

Pro Women Podium: 1st – Janea Perry / 2nd – Essence Barton / 3rd – Zephyr Sylvester / 4th – Brianne Spiersch / 5th – Rachel Anders

Pro Men Podium: 1st – James Eves / 2nd – Cory Sullivan / 3rd – Evan Geankoplis / 4th – Stan Jorgensen / 5th – Tim Krentz