A mountain biking addict reflects on the upside of short days

By Sarah Hansing

When's the last time YOU howled at the moon?

When’s the last time YOU howled at the moon?

Great news everyone! The time is going to change soon! And guess what that means?! Yep. You got it — it means longer days, after work rides, and more of that sweet, sweet sunlight.

But before the time change happens, don’t forget to grab a few last rebel rides. That’s right. Get those night lights out, and hit the trails. There is something about night riding that gives you those deviant giggles; the teenage rebel in you feels like you’re really getting away with something as you follow that beam of light through the twisty singletrack and into the night.

Rebellious natures aside (as mountain bikers, that is an inherent part of our nature anyways, right?) night riding is a transformative adventure for the trails you think you know so well. Somehow, everything looks a little bit different and a little bit more magical in the dark. Your focus shifts to only what you can see; no distractions, nothing except following the light. Everything seems quieter, the deeper you go into the dark.

So, before the time changes, get out there for at least one ride that changes your perspective entirely. It’s good to see things in a different light.