Adam Replogle

By Nelly

Hometown: Santa Cruz     Stance: Regular     Specialty: Carving

Sponsors: Nowadays I really don’t have sponsors. More like supporters such as Billabong, Billabong Surfshop, Aloha Grille, Channel Islands, Surftech and Future Fins. These companies support me and I support them. I don’t just like the products, I like the people who work there as well. They are like extended family. Bud, Sammy, Numa, Dustin, Tom – thanks!

Favorite waves: My favorite wave is one where there is no one out. I surf a lot with Noi, Homer, Marcel and Ryan. We surf alone all the time in really fun surf. I like overhead hollow waves where there are a lot of sharks and old men.

Goals: I still have goals with my surfing. I’m still looking for that perfect board. Still trying to ride a wave to the best of my ability. I have goals in my business life as well. To be successful. Goals with my family are to create good memories. I guess the goal in life is to find a balance with family, work and surfing… balance brings happiness.

What do you like to do when you aren’t surfing? I enjoy working at Billabong Surfshop. I really do. Getting people on the best board possible for their skill level and seeing their stoke after we nail it, gives me great satisfaction. Also, I like doing yard work; pulling weeds and mowing the lawn; it’s like therapy and doesn’t cost that much.

Thoughts on the lineup: We were all kooks at one time in the surf. We didn’t wake up ripping. We all could do a better job of helping the entry level surfer. Maybe you give someone a pointer or some good advice to help them out. We could give a few more waves to other fellow surfers and spread the stoke. Just a thought!

Women on waves: I predict that in the future Santa Cruz will have more women surfers per capita than any other surf town in California.