Wild card berth added to stacked 2015 field

The Mavericks big wave surf contest opened on New Year’s Day, with well over half the invitees hailing from California. The contest window will officially stay open until March 31st.

2015 is the first year the contest will be run by Cartel Management, under the official name of Titans of Mavericks. Originally the contest was to be accompanied by a festival, but the festival was postponed until the 2016 season.

2015 Titans of Mavericks Invitees

Shawn Dollar, Santa Cruz
Ken Collins, Santa Cruz
Ryan Augenstein, Santa Cruz
Nic Lamb, Santa Cruz
Tyler Fox, Santa Cruz
Anthony Tashnick, Santa Cruz
Shane Desmond, Santa Cruz
Zach Wormhoudt, Santa Cruz
Mark Healey, Hawaii
Shane Dorian, Hawaii
Grant “Twiggy” Baker, South Africa
Chris Bertish, South Africa
Greg Long, San Clemente
Alex Martins, Brazil/San Francisco
Dave Wassel, Hawaii
Colin Dwyer, Pacifica
Kohl Christensen, Hawaii
Grant Washburn, San Francisco
Carlos Burle, Brazil
Nathan Fletcher, San Clemente
Ryan Seelbach, San Francisco
Jamie Sterling, Hawaii

Wild Cards
Jamie Mitchell, Australia (announced 1/3/15)

Derek Dunfee, La Jolla
Rusty Long, San Clemente
Ben Wilkinson, Australia
Travis Payne, Pacifica

Read our story on Titans invitee Chris Bertish by Neil Pearlberg here: Fully Committed