Program benefits key non-profit organizations in its first month

Columbia Sportswear is rolling out of its ReThreads program across 111 retail stores, including Gilroy, California, to help recycle clothing properly and keep it out of landfills.

In celebration of this ReThreads launch, Columbia will donate $1 for every pound of clothing collected at its stores through September 10, 2017. Participants in the program will be given a token once they drop off their gently used items and can cast a vote for: American Hiking Society, National Park Foundation, or Children and Nature Network.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American throws always 70 lbs. of clothing per year, which accounts for 5% of all landfill space. The Columbia ReThreads program aims to reduce this impact by asking people to drop off garments, outerwear, and footwear (from any brand) at each of their store locations. Programs like ReThreads, help keep these items out of the landfill and recycle over 3.8 billion pounds of PCTW (post-consumer waste). Though the monetary donation program ends on September 10th, Columbia Sportswear will continue accepting recycled clothing via ReThreads in stores year round.

After garments and footwear are dropped in the ReThreads bins in each Columbia store, they are sent to a textile processing facility through I: CO, a textile recycling solutions company. The products are then sorted, reprocessed, reused and recycled. Clothing that still has a useful life is designated for “re-wear” and are sold again as second-hand garments. Products that are in worse shape go for “reuse” and are used in their natural form for applications such as cleaning rags or art projects. Products with no remaining useful life are recycled and used for applications such as insulation or fiber for new fabrics.

Donate your clothing from August 9, 2017 — September 10, 2017 at Columbia Sportswear, 8555 San Ysidro, Space 135, Gilroy, CA.


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