Reflections on perspective

By Sarah Hansing

Yesterday I rode the same trail that I’ve ridden at least a hundred times, and I sort of got lost.

And by “sort of,” I mean that I was actually completely and totally turned around for at least ten minutes. I had to backtrack through the redwoods, retrace my way along some singletrack, and re-negotiate the turns and twists that I (up until now) thought I could ride blindfolded.

The truth is that I probably would have done BETTER if I was blindfolded, instead of doing what I was doing.

(NO, I wasn’t doing THAT … sheesh.)

I was riding the trail backwards.

Now I don’t know if that is something any of ya’ll have ever done, but let me tell you – the ol “left right left right”  mantra of following a trail doesn’t work that well when you’re coming from the …