Pro mountain bike racer and Butte County native Kyle Warner raises funds to continue helping Camp Fire survivors

Press Release

My name is Kyle Warner and I am professional mountain bike rider, born and raised in Butte County. Since the moment the Camp Fire started I knew I wanted to help bring the cycling community together and help the people affected cope with this tragedy as much as possible.

Directly after the fire there was an immediate surge of financial and material aid to the area it was a little tricky to find ways we could help without being in the way or distracting from even greater fundraising causes.

Now, as time has passed and people have begun to get past some of the immediate needs post tragedy we wanted to come together and put on a really fun and unique fundraiser to help the kids and families in the area find a sense of community as well as navigate some of the post traumatic stress they have been dealing with.

The goal of this fundraiser is to raise around $30,000 to help in two main areas. The primary donation of around 75% will go towards paying for some therapy sessions for families that are still struggling with the emotional damage cause by the Camp Fire. We have partnered with a local non profit, Chico Velo to help distribute the funds.

We tend to focus the majority of energy on getting peoples material lives back in order, sometimes glossing over how we are feeling internally and examining what has happened to us emotionally. My hope is that we can help some families navigate this extremely trying time and help them gain some of the tools necessary to begin the healing process by covering the cost of some family therapy sessions.

The second portion of this donation, roughly 25% will go towards buying bicycles and equipment for the newly formed Butte County “NICA” sanctioned high school mountain biking team. Our goal is to provide the team with a small library of bicycles in various sizes that kids in Butte County can borrow to ride, and practice on throughout the year. We want to help them find a healthy outlet. Nothing makes life better than finding a sense of community and belonging, and we hope that by reducing the costs associated with joining the team we can get some kids outdoors and riding bikes with a great new group of friends!

The way this sweepstakes works is that we will be selling entries. The base entry fee is $10 for 10 entries. Then it goes up from there.

  • $10 = 10 entries
  • $25 = 30 entries
  • $50 = 75 entries
  • $100 = 200 entries
  • $500 = 1200 entries

The winner will then be drawn from the pool of entries using and their random selection tool.

The grand prize winner of this sweepstakes will win a full carbon Felt Decree Mountain bike in the size of their choice! The winner will also get a full riding kit ( helmet, jersey, shorts, gloves, and pads ) from Fly Racing. Some glasses from PitViper, a full bicycle care package ( oils, lubricants, and wash supplies ) from Maxima USA, and a bunch of snacks and goodies from ONNIT!

After the winner is selected, I (Kyle Warner) will personally build up your bicycle, package it and ship it off to you with all of the other goodies too!

But wait there’s more! We will also be giving away signed memorabilia from pro athletes all over the world. Riders like Jill Kintner, Brandon Semenuk, Matt Hunter, Jeff Lenosky, Kurt Sorge and more.

So if you have an extra $10 bucks to spare please do yourself a favor and buy an entry into this awesome sweepstakes! Tickets are available for purchase until June 10, 2019 at 12:59 am MST. June 14, 2019.

Learn more and get tickets here.

Butte Strong