Nevada County Women’s Mountain Bike Skills Clinic and Camp 2019

November 2-3, 2019 • Nevada City

Have you noticed the buzz around the number of women and girls who are joining the ranks of mountain bikers? More ladies than ever are getting their shred on and are thrilled to join this exciting sport. It can be intimidating at first if you have never ridden your bike on a single track trail. Proper body position and basic skills will make your experience so much more enjoyable. Whether you ride for fun, fitness or race your mighty steed, all riders regardless of experience can benefit from a skills clinic. Women tend to learn mountain bike skills quicker from female coaches; you might say we speak the same language. Female coaches break things down and explain skills in a way that makes sense.

Join Jet Lowe — founder of YBONC (Youth Bicyclists of Nevada County) — along with Paige Ramsey and Jeni Bolthauser — creators of Women’s MTB Experience — for the 4th annual Nevada County Women’s Mountain Bike Skills Clinic and Camp on November 2-3, 2019. This two-day event is for women of all ages and skill levels. This clinic teaches the basics thru advanced techniques. Building your skills and losing bad habits not only strengthens your confidence but makes you a better and safer rider. Skills covered will include correct body position, cornering and braking techniques. More advanced skills such as front and rear wheel lifts, bunny hops, drops, high speed cornering and more will be addressed for those so inclined.

Paige and Jeni will share their knowledge along with returning pro enduro racer Amy Morrison. Rachel Kirk Kagan will also be joining this knowledgeable coaching crew at the Inn Town Campground in Nevada City, CA. Camping spaces and glamping tents are available at the campground but there are also plenty of other local accommodations for those wanting something different. Optional gourmet meals will be provided and you can put your new skills to the test with a no drop ride on local trails.

This event is only limited to fifty women. Please visit event website for program and registration information for this exceptional clinic. Remember, women of all ages are getting into mountain biking … and succeeding and loving it. Learn skills correctly from the beginning or break those bad riding habits you’ve slipped into over the years. Refreshing your riding skills will bring your riding to a new level!

Learn more and register at

Women at MTB Skills Clinic

Women at MTB Skills Clinic

Women at MTB Skills Clinic

Women at MTB Skills Clinic

THe area for the MTB Skills Clinic

A woman smiling at the camera

A woman doing some drills with a coach nearby

Practicing some skills on an MTB



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