Anthony Tashnick


Hometown: Santa Cruz     Stance: Regular     Forte: Big Waves

Sponsors: HLTN, Pearson Aarow Surfboards, Hotline Westuits, Pacific Wave Surf Shop, Stay Covered, Maui Fin Co.

Learning to Surf: I grew up surfing along West Cliff and my parents and I lived about a half a block from the ocean in between Steamers Lane and Natural Bridges State Beach.

Goals: To find the ultimate wave.

Your scariest wave: Jaws. I was so scared I didn’t go.

Specialty: I specialize in getting into and out of the ocean daily. I also specialize in possibly dangerous situations when conditions may be life threatening in some people’s eyes. I strive to have as much fun as possible during the time I spend in the water.

Favorite board: I enjoy riding all kinds of different surfboards. so I guess I’d say that I specialize in R and D in a way. Simply because I’m curious to understand the way objects slide across water in different conditions. I decide what surfboard design works for me in terms of enjoying that session to the fullest given the waves that particular day.

What do you like to do when you aren’t surfing? When I’m not surfing I like to drink coffee, paint, take photos, eat at Miramar on the Santa Cruz wharf, drink good wine … most of all I enjoy being outdoors and learning something new.

The last word: This year’s 2015/16 Titans of Mavericks surf contest during an El Nino year is the buzz that people are talking about.






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