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Sana Cruz Mountain Brewing: People’s Porter

SCMB.Peoples.PorterOne of the first organic beers I ever tried remains one of my favorites.  It’s The People’s Porter from Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing (SCMB). This beer started as a homebrew between brewer Emily Thomas of SCMB  and Tom Perrozi behind the brewery. It turned out to be such a hit that SCMB decided to add it to its regular line-up. It’s brewed with cold pressed organic coffee which really shines through its roasted malt and smoky character. A little vanilla is added to round all those great flavors.
Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing’s tap room with its earthy, quirky interior on the West Side of Santa Cruz has long been a place road cyclists and mountain bikers have congregated at the end of their rides to refuel with a pint or two.  There will soon be more room to accommodate the increasing crowd of bikers, as SCMB is in the process of enlarging their beer garden and installing new bike racks. —Derrick Peterman