Back to basics … back to SMILES

By Sarah Hansing


And here we are again.

It seems like a terrible case of déjà vu, sometimes, really.

Get fit. Get stoked! Get injured.

Get *ahem* slightly (but seriously – let’s be realistic here. It’s WAAAYY more than “slightly”) unfit.  

Get bummed.  

Get avoidant about riding (cause getting back on the bike is gonna hurt, let there be no doubts about THAT).  

Get determined.  

Get BACK on the bike (even though you KNOW it’s gonna hurt).

Get a reality check.

Really REALLY dislike that reality check.  

And now comes the really really important parts: decide what to do about that reality check.

It’s kind of hard to separate action and consequence from mental fortitude, sometimes …  but it’s important to try. We can tend to blame ourselves instead of praise ourselves, curse ourselves instead of cheer ourselves on. As