Wiley X is a California eyewear company that is creating a buzz in the outdoor industry with its new lens technology. Known as CAPTIVATE, these lenses are different from anything we’ve seen before. By filtering out certain parts of the visible light spectrum that cause visual confusion, especially where blues merge with greens and where greens merge with reds, the lens effect is quite noticeable. The result is colors that appear brighter and more in focus.

The lenses also block out harmful UV and HEV rays that damage our eyes in outdoor environments. Wiley X has quite an impressive R&D department at their Livermore headquarters, and we were able to see how CAPTIVATE lenses are tested for safety.

We were impressed with the attention to detail and quality. You can pick from seven different designs/colors! Overall if you are in the market for a pair of sunglasses you should try on a pair of Wiley X Omegas or one of their other styles. You won’t be disappointed.


MSRP: $160.00


Facebook: @wileyx

Instagram: @wileyx