Give the Gift of MTB Skills and Confidence with A Singletrack Mind! Choose from a group session or 1:1 private. Master, refine and build your mountain bike skills to ride with confidence and efficiency! Learn from our highly qualified and certified coach that has been professionally coaching for 13 years and racing professionally for 20+. RIDE WITH US. RIDE BETTER. Call us at (209) 662-5392.


Mountain Bike Skills Clinics

Gift Certificates Available1-day or 2-day clinic or to apply to a private session

About A Single Track Mind

We offer mountain bike skills clinics from a highly qualified and certified coach throughout the west coast and beyond for riders of all ages and abilities. With the gold standard of mtb coaching certifications through USA Cycling, BICP, Betterride, NICA, NASM we strive to optimize every riders experience with an extensive professional understanding and progress each rider where needed. Refine and expand your skill set and optimize your riding experience with A Singletrack Mind!

The philosophy behind A SINGLETRACK MIND, is to blend the mental and physical components of mountain biking so that they flow together to make a more fluid, focused and accomplished riding experience. A Singletrack Mind acknowledges the importance of “unlearning what you have learned” to move forward and to improve your riding skills. Since we can often pick up bad habits in our riding that inhibit our improvement as a cyclist, we must be open to resetting and starting again to acquire the skills to move forward.

With a mental skills coaching certification with NASM, highest level of certifications through BICP 1,2,3, USA Cycling, NICA and NICA coaches trainer and the head coach for Betterride (pioneer of mtb skills coaching),  Dylan Renn truly ties the technical details to riding with the mental component to riding. Dylan has over 20 years of mountain bike racing experience both at the expert and professional level and 12 years as a professional coach.

Core Fundamental Skills are the first priority. Here is where you may have to unlearn some bad habits. The point of this is that with our A Singletrack Mind core fundamental skill-set you will be able to push limits you never thought possible.

A Singletrack Mind helps the rider first to establish the foundation of their mountain bike riding experience followed by the progressive skills that are required for improved performance. The primary and essential components learned, but not limited to, in the A Singletrack Mind experience will be:unlearn what you have learned

  • cornering
  • wheel lifts
  • braking
  • body position
  • vision
  • shifting
  • gear selection
  • dismounts and restarts
  • enhanced hand eye coordination
  • jumps, drops, stomps
  • drills
  • attention to the details ahead of you
  • a calm clear mind before taking on any technical challenges ahead, on and off the trail.

Video Analysis

A Singletrack Mind will provide video analysis of the skills and your riding technique This will be done through the use of GO Pro equipment and qualified filming to assess and refine your riding style and skills. If you have a video of your riding it can also be evaluated. Video will offer feedback that will assist in your learning.


If you would like to setup up custom Mountain Bike Skills Clinic, multi-day camp, or If you have a group and a specific location we would love to work with you. Fill out this form and we’ll be in contact with you in a timely manner.


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