Words by Lars Filson
Photos by Scott McClain

California is known for a lot of things, like great coastal destinations, excellent mountain biking, and high quality wines. But California is also where a number of large brands have chosen to base their headquarters, test facilities, and warehouses. Industry leaders such as Specialized, Oakley, Ibis, and Intense are all based in the Golden State and perhaps it is no coincidence that some of our favorite products from this year’s Interbike were from brands based in Adventure Sports Journal’s home state.

Here are three of our favorite products shown at Interbike to keep your eyes out for!

Oakley’s new Aro 3, 5, and 7 road and triathlete helmets

Oakley, based in Southern California was on hand with an impressive display to debut their new line of road and triathlon specific bike helmets. Oakley, known for being the number one sports performance eyewear brand in cycling, created this line of new helmets with the intent to make their helmet line pair seamlessly with their eyewear line.

The Aro line features three helmets, the Aro 3, 5, and 7. The Aro 3 and 5 will be available in 8 colorways, with the Aro 7 offered in two.

The Aro 3 was designed with heat management in mind and features large vents, perfect for keeping your head cool during even the most blistering of climbs.

The Aro 5 features a larger emphasis on aerodynamics and is designed to help you find the edge you need during the final sprint of the day.

The top of the line Aro 7, winner of Interbikes most innovative product award for triathlon comes with two shields, Prizm Road and Clear. The shield is secured to the helmet via magnets, making it a breeze to switch the shield at a moments notice. The Aro 7 is the helmet of choice for time trials and triathlons, where every milli-second counts.

The new Aro line will be available in February of 2018, with the Aro 3 retailing for $180, the Aro 5 retailing for $250, and the Aro 7 retailing for $500.

The new Oakley Aro 7, with the Prizm Clear shield.

Ryno Power’s new counter top display and meal replacement bar

Ryno Power, who produce high quality sports supplements, traveled from San Diego California to attend Interbike. A number of their athletes including Aaron Gwin, Kyle Strait, Rachel Strait, Anneke Beerten, and Logan Binggeli were also in attendance. Ryno Power had their extensive line of supplements on display, including their protein powder, Carbo-fuel, Gladiator pre-workout, and the most recent addition to their product line, Hydration fuel.

Ryno Power was also able to give us the inside scoop on their newest product, a super food bar that should be available within the next five months. The meal replacement bar will contain ten grams of protein and seven grams of sugar, making it filling enough to fuel your next workout or ride, but light enough that it won’t leave you feeling heavy, weighed down or sluggish.

Ryno Power also had a new counter top display they were promoting, which makes it easy for dealers to carry single serving packets of Ryno Power’s most popular products. Look for these new displays to pop up in bike shops, motocross dealerships, and gyms all around the nation.

Ride Air’s new air capsule

Ride Air was in attendance this week, showing off their new refillable, multi use, portable air capsule. Ride Air is based out of Israel, but uses Los Angeles as their distribution point for the US.

The Ride Air capsule weighs in at 1 pound, can hold up to 230 PSI, and Ride Air claims it can seat any mountain bike tire to any rim. The capsule is designed to fit in a standard water bottle cage and one of the models features a built-in cable lock, that helps to insure that no one runs off with it. The capsule is a light weight, convenient alternative to traveling with an air compressor, while also cutting back on the amount of waste created by using CO2 cartridges.

It’s weight and size also put to shame most pumps that come with a charger chamber. The capsule can either be filled by floor pump or an air compressor and has both Schrader and presta valve adapters.

If you are someone who often travels with your bike to race or ride, this product is a great way to insure you have the air you need to inflate or seat tires while not taking up too much space or breaking the bank. The basic Ride Air capsule without a lock comes in at $59.99, with the cable lock bringing the price up to $69.99. Both models are offered in four different colors.