1. Indo Board Balance Trainer

The Indo Board is so much more than a balance trainer. It’s actually a super addictive core workout that will improve your balance while you have fun. The Indo Board is the best product on the market to develop balance and strength for a variety of outdoor sports including surfing, MTB, skateboarding, and snowsports—all in the comfort of your home or office. Another suggestion is to have a friendly competition with friends while hanging out in the backyard.
MSRP $199.99 •

2. Kaenon Hard Kore

“Luxury beach” sunglasses that will quickly become your favorite cycling eyewear as well. Kaenon Hard Kores have all the features you’d expect from expensive specs in terms of fit, but it’s the lenses that truly set them apart. The SR-91 lens provides the durable lightweight strength of polycarbonate and the clarity of a glass lens, giving you unparalleled feel and vision. Kaenon’s Variflex rubber temple tips provide solid purchase on your head, which make them the ideal eye protection for mountain biking.
MSRP $223.95 •

3. Mile 22 Fat Straps

Mile 22 straps come with a standard 2” wide strap and features a high-impact plastic buckle that wont corrode, holds firmly and is easy to thread. With a load capacity of 800 pounds, you can stack and hold your boards high on the roof of your car with confidence. Mile 22 straps pull tight and stay tight, and the buckles are cushioned with upcycled wetsuit neoprene. Once tight, Fat Straps do not come loose until you want them to. If you are tired of driving down the road with loose boards, then step up to Fat Straps.
MSRP $40 •

4. Santa Cruz Pumpkin Seed Surfboard

The Pumpkin Seed is a great board for riders looking to take it to the next level. This board is high performance all the way, but floaty and wide enough to paddle fast and help you get to your feet easily. From small, gutless surf to high-speed tube riding, the Pumpkin Seed can handle it all. The single to double concave bottom and dynamic rail profile further complement the rail-to-rail performance and versatility. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a broad range of rider weights and abilities.
MSRP $661.95 •

5. Freestyle Mariner Tide Watch

The Mariner Tide gives you all the important facts you need to plan your ocean adventures including tides, surf height, and sunrise and sunset data. Not just for surfing, the Mariner Tide is a valuable asset to the boating, sailing, fishing, and diving communities whose recreational livelihood often depends on specific ocean knowledge. Featuring a 50mm case well suited for large wrists, and a comfortable / durable silicone band, the Mariner Tide is water resistant to 100 meters and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
MSRP $100 •

6. Paper Shower Body Wipes

Paper Shower is the ultimate weapon against “that not so fresh feeling.” Actually a two-part process, a wet towelette is followed by a dry towelette for the fastest, most refreshing feeling on the go. Keep some Paper Shower packs handy on every adventure: in the car, in a backpack, in a purse, whatever it takes. First the wet towel cleans while it moisturizes, then the dry towel finishes the process. Now you can schedule a mountain bike ride that ends at the local brewery and be fresh as a daisy!
MSRP $13.95 •

7. West Marine Inshore Inflatable Belt Pack PFD

This is the PFD you’ll want for stand up and prone paddleboarding. Municipal harbors are strictly enforcing the PFD rules for all ocean vessels, including paddleboards and kayaks. Don’t get stuck with an expensive ticket! In the event of an emergency the Inshore inflates manually when you pull a red tab. Reasonably priced and featuring the quality you’ve come to expect from West Marine, this belt pack PFD is a must-have item.
MSRP $79.99 •

8. Patagonia Tsali 3.0 Running Shoes

Toss the minimalist shoes and pamper your feet with the Tsali 3.0’s by Patagonia. These shoes are perfect for people who like to stay connected to the terrain, but still like a little cushioning. Long trail runs are where these shoes shine the most, with an integrated lacing system that allows you to dial in the perfect fit. These shoes are even a great choice for lightweight backpacking over heavier options, especially in the hot dusty conditions served up by the Sierra in the hotter months. Be prepared for these to become your favorite everyday shoes, with the added bonus of also being your favorite trail running shoes.
MSRP $110 •


A Beer Worth Earning: Deschutes’ Fresh Squeezed IPA


Fresh Squeezed IPA originally started as an experimental beer available only at its brew pub, but as the word got out, it became a seasonal release as part of Deschutes’ Bond Series. The momentum continued to build and it’s now a permanent fixture in the Deschutes line-up. Describing the phenomenon, assistant Brewmaster Veronica Vega explained, “We couldn’t keep this beer on the shelf last year due to its popularity, so we’re excited to share this damn tasty beer with even more people this year.” Fresh Squeezed IPA has plenty of juicy, citrus flavor and aroma due to generous additions of Citra, Mosaic and Nugget hops. There’s also a little bit of pepperiness and sweet, toasted amber malt to round out the flavor.