What to do when life happens and you find climbing on the back burner

By Meggan Wenbourne

While I avoided climbing anywhere this weekend due to sour weather forecasts in the Sierra and the holiday weekend traffic, I was, in fact still obsessing over the idea of climbing. More specifically, climbing and having a 9-5 job. These past few weeks, I have not given climbing much of my attention and I feel a bit guilty about it. Life happens. And before you know it weeks have passed.

Every person you have ever climbed with, unless they are 5 or 6 years old, leads a busy life. We all have jobs, families, personal lives, other sports, obligations … the list goes on and on. We all WANT to climb, but making it an actual reality is something entirely different for most people.

Instead of harping on those people who are talkers and not doers, I will keep this short and sweet: GO CLIMB.

Pick a date a month or two months from now and go climbing. Hammer down a date with your partner and GO. It’s time. Your life deserves a good adventure. Even if it’s just for a half day to your local crag or you’re actually lucky enough to plan a whole weekend out. It has been my experience, if you put it on the calendar at work or at home a little bit ahead of time, no one can hold it against you.

It’s July already! There are some gorgeous months ahead and I believe, at least a small portion of that time, should be spent in the mountains.

Oh, and if you are able to get outside – tell me about it! Leave a comment below about your latest and greatest climbing outing. I’m all ears!

Meg-IndiansMeggan Wenbourne is an avid climber, mountain biker and backpacker who works and plays in Santa Cruz, CA. She spends her time traveling to the mountains as often as possible to get lost in the pine trees and explore the granite rock of the Sierra Nevada range and has recently developed an obsession with the desert and its red rocks. When not away on an adventure, she can be found eating burritos and training at Pacific Edge Climbing Gym, riding amazing trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains or nestled away in her cozy tiny house with cookies and adventure reading.